Writer’s Corner of the Month Author, Playwright, and Multi-talented Keisha Mayo (12/16)

book_cover-2-1-1DCL Ministries wants to highlight for the month of December this amazing woman of God who is no stranger to hard work. Writer’s Corner is so honored to feature author, entrepreneur , and multi-talented Keisha Mayo, because we are about taking your God-given gift , spreading it around as you ignite others to do the same. On this holiday Christmas, Keisha is simply joy , praise, and thanksgiving to God wrapped in a present. Join with us as we celebrate all she has accomplished and will accomplish –in Jesus Name. Keisha was also a special guest on our Dovetales radio program. If interested in listening to her wonderful interview click here.

A word from the author: Keisha Mayo

Keisha Mayo was raised in New York City to the late Carl Mayo and Barbara Mayo. She received her B.A. in Economics from Lehman College in New York City. In spite of the many trials and disappointments that life has presented, she have never lost sight of her purpose to remain string in character and faith. God blessed Keisha with many gifts  and talents. Keisha has performed with numerous choirs as well as provided background vocal support with various artists in the music industry. She was blessed to release her first gospel single entitled, ” I Believe God.” Keisha has also performed in several Off-Broadway plays. As an entrepreneur, Keisha has also developed her own clothing line called “Keiwear Fashions.”

Keisha is a first-time author of “Deceived” which captures the lies and deception she experienced in her marriage. She never thought she would be deceived in a relationship with her eyes wide shut. This page turner is one of many books to come. In life’s journey, she will always hold to her faith in God.


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The Book can be purchased at Amazon.com & Barnes & Noble ( Most booksellers Worldwide)

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