Be A Guest On Dovetales Radio Show With Deborah

dovetales-new-blue-and-yellow-bannerDovetales is taking flight as we interview extraordinary people who chose to follow God and have not regretted it since. Join the movement as we laugh, talk , cry and inspire many across the world with testimonies and tales of all who held the hand of Holy Spirit, while making their way through some of the toughest times in their lives. God will never let you go and if you don’t believe me ask those we have interviewed: The drug abuser, the pastor’s wife, the choral director, the interracial married couple, the survivor’s from Lyme’s disease, the singer, the spoken word artist, the literary agent, the single mother, the pastor whose child died, the artist brought up by an alcoholic father, the author who quit her job, the women who survived segregation,the abolitionist, the depressed, and the survivor’s of divorce. All these beautiful witnesses found God in the midst of their pain. Not only do you survive, but God makes clear your purpose and destiny on the journey called life.

Some of the benefits of serving Him are you come out with a sound mind and wrapped in the most amazing love you have ever experienced. The strength that comes from within, strength to sustain you when times of uncertainty come creeping around the corner. God will lead you with chords of human kindness. To listen to previous shows click here.

To be a guest on our show, fill out the contact page and tell us a little bit about yourself along with your contact information. God Bless you and until next time…keep sharing your Dovetale.

DCL Ministries

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