There is nothing worse than feeling trapped, bound; stuck without choices. Life can back you so far into a corner that you run the risk of doing something unethical or immoral simply to get out. Many people will do just that without even hesitating, because the thought of taking on the consequences of their choice, head on, is not an option–if it causes them immediate pain.

They say when one is doing time in prison the inmates that survive are the ones who are capable of not seeing their sell… as a sell. The struggle of being trapped must be in the mind and not necessarily the space which has been provided to you. In reality many people are in prison, they are just not in jail.  Many people feel backed up against the wall, but if they could only know the freedom that God gives -freely- they would be able to survive anything.

I won’t lie, because as one who serves Jesus I have experienced many, many struggles but it was always with the way I perceived things. Many traditions are passed down from generation to generation, from family to family. If only humanity would allow God, through Holy Spirit, to renew our minds we would experience a freedom that would allow us all to soar like an eagle. God promises those who believe that they will fly high above their troubles, so high that  when looking down our troubles will look small leaving all wondering why they were troubles in the first place.

There is freedom in knowing God. There is more freedom in being obedient to God. There is freedom when we finally admit that we don’t know what we are doing. There is freedom in asking Him for help. Join me so we can be free together…

DCL Ministries

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