Writer’s Corner Author of the Month Melinda Michelle (10/16)


DCL Ministries is very pleased to feature for the month of October this tremendous, multi-talented, award winning author Melinda Michelle.  It is very hard to follow the will of God when you hear the call, but follow is what Melinda Michelle ultimately did. Writer’s Corner is all about highlighting others who in their unique , modern or traditional way spread the gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be empowered and uplifted. This woman of God writes about spiritual warfare and many have testified that by reading both Melinda Michelle’s series of Chronicles of Warfare , and  A Divine Love Story has not only educated them, but also empowered them. It is no wonder that Melinda Michelle says, “If the shoe fits wear it! Melinda Michelle was also a guest on our weekly  Dovetales Radio Show  so, if you want to hear more about this authors inspiration and details of her struggle to succeed, tune into our archives right here.

In the meantime enjoy a few words from the award winning author, Melinda Michelle. Enjoy


When you pick up a book by Melinda Michelle you should expect for your eyes to be opened, your heart to race, your emotions to rise and your faith to be taken up a notch.  Purpose is her passion and with that passion she weaves a story about the matchless power of the Almighty God through the written word by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  It is her desire to awaken the Body of Christ to not only the power that they have, but the knowledge that they truly wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Nearly five years ago, God spoke to me and it changed my life. He told me to quit my job.  He received major side eye, but within six months I eventually obeyed.  I wasn’t ready for what He planned on doing next.  I had been playing around with writing a “book.”  When God told me to leave my job I thought it was to pursue the accounting business I had slaved over for nearly eight years with two partners.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Not only did I lose my passion for all things accounting all God wanted to talk about was this book, that to my mind started out as a fluke.  He had so much more in store for me.  You might even say God is the King of plot of twists, because I never saw this coming for my life.  I’m not trained in this. I’m not equipped in this.  It was simply me, God and my apparent gift against the world.  Then the journey began.  Not only did God open my eyes, ears and heart to the spirit realm like I could never imagine, but He opened up my mind to the idea of purpose and destiny.  Little did I know my obedience would cause me to stumble right into my destiny.  Just over four years ago I released my first book and now I stand here an award winning author who’s on the very brink of my Promised Land.  If my life were a book, the title would be – “Trust God, He’s a Sure Thing.”  I have had the privilege to know, trust and love God in a way I never thought was even possible.  I’m so in awe of what He’s done through me and how He’s reached people all over the world with His message of love, forgiveness, protection, hope and the seriousness of what He’s called us as His chosen vessels to do in the earth.  This journey has not by any means been easy. You can’t write spiritual warfare without experiencing some warfare in your own life.  Let me tell you, those battles have been epic, but the Lord has seen me through all of them.  I stand here today a living, breathing testimony of the power of yes and the promise of an obedient heart.  I hope every reader who picks up my books encounters God, a desire for Him, and a yes resounds in their spirit to whatever He asks them to do.

To find out more about my body of work, please visit www.melindamichelle21.com.

DCL Ministries

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  1. Melinda Michelle says:

    WOW! Thanks for the feature. Deborah connecting with you has added value to my life. I pray that God blesses you in all you do. You rock lady!


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