Do You Need More Color In Your Life?

Sometimes you just need to add more color into your life. Life can get so dull with all the mundane day to day activities, but what if you just added some pizzazz? Don’t get me wrong, we are not talking about anything illegal, unethical, immoral, or unsanitary.

Perhaps you have a dull life because you choose to remain safe, with the same type of people, making you think the same particular way. Meet someone new or this time steer toward people who are a different race or a different background than you. Maybe your color is a new job that you have wanted to go for. What about a new home with the promise of painting the walls full of colors propelling hope and positive energy–rather then the traditional beige, tan, and white? New colors for you could simply mean  to stop wearing black all the time and to break out with a new outfit expressing the rainbow bright colors that have been dying to come out inside of you. Surprise your friends with an outfit expressing your zeal and zest for living.

I absolutely love color, but I didn’t always invite it into my life. Color for you might be to paste a smile on your face when you are the Scrooge of your office. Color could be considering a new way of thinking when you have been stuck with the same negative thoughts most of your life. Go to a new restaurant tonight and try a cuisine you’d never thought to try.

Try, Try, Try new things, new thoughts, new people, new approach, new outlook; new strategy and find your dull life open up to a new world of color.

DCL Ministries

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