I’m Convinced, Laughter Is The Best Medicine…

At times it is the giggle, the smirk, the chuckle and all the non-stop laughter that truly keeps me going in life. After all the things that seem to come my way, on a daily basis, I am learning more and more to simply laugh about it. I have to admit when I first started this journey everything, and I mean everything, would hit me like a title-wave and I would be easily swept into the undertow of life’s emotional tsunami. I know for certain that having this balance is the benefit of having God in my life, because when all I can do is think of the bad things it is God’s promises which tip me over and help me to think of the pleasing and good things.

I am a walking miracle, because in the past I was convinced, more times than I care to mention, that I wasn’t going to make it through this obstacle course called life . Many times I was certain that I was going to die of heartbreak, disappointment, depression, loneliness, abandonment, divorce, unemployment and many other things, but I am still here! Can you believe it? I was once skeptical, perhaps like you, but now when things come my way I can’t help but think, there is life after pain and life after what I thought could never and would never happen. I was wrong and my friend if you are reading this perhaps you are wrong too…

Yes I laugh laugh, because death where is your sting?!? I pray for anyone out there who is struggling emotionally or think that life has you beat. Trust me, no it doesn’t. Keep holding onto the hope and the sweet things God is giving you in the midst of your day. The gifts, the moments which allow you to breath and settle your thoughts on the pleasing stuff– and not the bad. Pull it together, and when you’re ready and you’ve found your balance with Him…just learn to laugh, for He who promises is faithful!

DCL Ministries

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