Guard Your Heart…

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23

There are many people who do not guard their heart. Another translation says it this way… guard your heart for out of it flow the issues of life. Issues, who doesn’t have issues and when you are not cognitive of your issues you know what happens? You guessed it, those issues spill out all over the place. As you go through the bible we see many places that refer to the heart status: where it is at, how it feels, and what comes out of it -good and bad. Many continue to ignore their heart status and as the issues of life back up on them, their grief, their sadness, anger, rage, depression we can see the most horrible outcomes. What about those with addictions, sexual promiscuity, self-esteem issues and mental issues, but once ignored by the host it is the people around them that suffer the most.

According to this scripture you should guard your heart, meaning you should be protecting it  and learned to be mindful to not give it away so easily. Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve, and verbally pouring out your life and most intimate secrets to anyone who would listen. Some people say  they are transparent and don’t care who knows, but many tell things to others that would hurt them if used later in the wrong setting or given to others that would deliberately set out to hurt you. As a believer of Jesus, I have learned not only to guard my heart, but to also place my heart in His hands so, while I protect it I am also with the only One who can heal my heart from the damage it has endured and gone through in the past.

You have heard that hurt people , hurt people. Make a choice to guard your heart from those that would not treasure it or would nonchalantly take it for granted, and start with giving it over to someone who will always love you and never take you for granted…Jesus.

DCL Ministries

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