Making Things Good Again…

“What have you done? Listen! Your brothers blood cries out to me from the ground.” Genesis 4:10

I don’t know about you, but aren’t you tired of hearing all the horrible things on the news? The more I see the anger, retaliation, and evil t oozing from my television screen the more I feel sad, because God never intended for the world to be like this. Unfortunately when the Fall of Man happened we still can see even today humanity choosing to eat of of the tree of  the knowledge of good and evil. When does knowing and seeing everything become too much for the human mind to digest? Whether you know this or not we were not designed to look evil in the face, for many of you who claim to want to know the details of the truth , be warned, because there are just some truth’s you really don’t want to see or know about.

Only the Almighty God can look evil in the face and not be tainted, destroyed, bruised or hurt to the core. It saddens me the way some people feel that they have no choice, but to side with evil and then take their rage out on the road  to harm others. Is this the only way or do you agree, with me, that there must be another way…a better way?

We were made to eat from the tree of LIFE that is why Jesus came, to make things good again.  Aren’t you tired of what you see and hear on a daily basis well Jesus came to heal, to educate, to take the broken places and make them whole again.Jesus came to renew your mind and help you deal with your problems rather than take your problems, insecurities, rage, and bitterness out on others. Like many of you I long for things to be good again, for things to feel safe again.

We were made for laughter, harmony, unity, we were all made different, but we are all still made in the God’s image. Rather than allow chaos to lead your life ask God to help you see the truth as God knows it. God will be gentle as it is revealed to you and Holy Spirit will seal it as he illuminates your understanding. Don’t you want to understand or do you just want to rage on in pain and agony?

Oh yes, we were made to live, to love, and to need everything around us.  I pray for unity and for peace in this world–peace as God would give it and not as man gives it so, won’t you let Jesus, through you, make things good again?


DCL Ministries

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