Are You At Home?

Coming home at the end of a very long day just makes me feel good. There is something about coming back to the place where I can figure it all out and where, ultimately, it will all make sense again. There were many years that I did not feel that way about coming home, but since then I have gone through each room and reintroduced myself back to it and slowly made it once again my own. I know my house so well, and though others might enter into it and question its color and decorative style it is me who has grown so very fond of every inch of it. I love the windows and woodwork, I love my red kitchen and yellow sun room, my tea cups, and old furniture. I can’t help but smile at the dysfunction of the things that are about to break down knowing that in time they will all be new again.

In some ways this is what I feel about my relationship with God. When I am with God I feel like home and when the days, weeks, months and years get tough it is Him that I go home to. It is God who I can’t wait to run to and with Him, I feel safe and comforted. I know where I get my strength from and I know where to lay my head for replenishment…do you?

Before giving my life over to Jesus I too was homeless no where to go and no where to feel safe from the outside elements that threaten to dislodge us daily, but now I am a proud owner of a residence, a place that I can be myself and relax ; a place where I don’t need to be perfect I just need to be me. If you have not given it much thought lately you should. Where is your home? Have you discovered it yet or are you shuffling around looking for a place to live–still? Search no further my friend…Jesus has been knocking outside your door. Will you let Him? For I heard He is a builder, a creator, and a provider of those in need.

DCL Ministries

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