Are You In Love With You? Celebrating Your Singleness!

We  live in a society that has a holiday dedicated to couples in love, but those that are  single might find it difficult to feel good when wanting to celebrate their singleness when February 14th rolls around each year. Unfortunately,  at times, society can imply with all those lovey dovey advertisements being single can look a lot like being cursed if you ,too, don’t have a box of chocolates in your hands by the end of the business day. Oh the pressure of it all can make you hang your head as you survive your one-sided love affair. Life forces you to ask this question to yourself, “Does pleasure, love, and celebrating oneself only come in  the form of a relationship?” Let’s face it seldom do I see people celebrated for being single.

Since the world was started with Adam and Eve it is no wonder that many think you need to be with someone to be happy. Which begs yet another question, “Was the world built on a couple?” As we look closely at scripture we are surprised because we are reminded that the world was started with one single person …Adam. It was only after Adam was around for a while ,enjoying his singleness,  that God created Adam’s helper, Eve. Surprising, I know, but from this text I am reminded that God wants to make us whole, and making us whole in mind, body, and spirit has never needed the requirement of a mate.  I have learned that God , in the beginning like Adam, desires to just be with you, and then when the timing is right he will present him or her just as he did with Adam.

But many people fear being alone, and so they are bent on finding their significant other without God’s provision only to sulk as they walk away when they discover that this person was never right for the in the first place. We all desire to be involved in a loving, caring, exclusive relationship, but don’t you want to be whole without another having to complete you?

Perhaps the power of love in you should first be making you whole and full on your own without having to lean on another to fill you up at all. Sad to say, but there are many couples leaning on one another to fill a need inside them which can be a lot of work on the other individual, for relationships built on need can be most taxing. I have observed many people who, sadly, don’t even like themselves, and so I must say if you can’t live with you how can someone else be expected to?

As a follower of Jesus Christ Psalms 139 reminds us to give thanks to our creator because we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Do you know this about yourself without anyone having to tell you or coerce you into believing so? If not, then I would like to encourage you to capture this precious time that God has given you, in your singleness, to get to know and love and like….YOU!

Personally, it is the best investment that I have ever made in my life, why? Because when I walk in a room I might not know anyone else, but I know and like ME, and isn’t that the best feeling to have in the end? I believe that you will only attract what you already are.

Oh yes, my prescription to all,  for the day that is all about love , love, love, is don’t be discouraged ,but rather nurture the relationship you have with yourself until God presents the One, but until that time comes commit to celebrating your singleness… today!

Hugs to you all!

DCL Ministries




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