Let It Snow…Let It Snow…Let It Snow

The much anticipated snow to come with all the excitement, the frenzy, and the fear of  the dreaded cabin fever, that inevitably will follow, always seeming to swim into one’s thoughts when snow threatens to detour our, regimented, daily routines.

I know this feeling oh so well, and as I observed people rushing to the grocery store ,clearing  all the shelves of bread and eggs and any other comfort food that they may find, in order to buffer the burden of what I can only summarize as a subconscious fear of one being stuck, inside the house, without the choice of anywhere to go.

Why do you fear when you are stuck with the people you love? Why fear when it is a paid snow day from work, and a day off from school? For those in the world that must endure the change of seasons year after year ,in reality, it is a day that allows for humanity to stop and suspend their busy schedules for just a moment to, simply, check in with yourself, and those you haven’t been able to make time for.

We all can admit that our 24 hour days can go by in a blink of an eye especially when play dates, board meetings, and responsibilities can threaten to sift away ,anyone, trying to attempt to stop and smell the flowers… let alone the roses.

As a believer of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit says it this way,

“Be still and know that he is God”

To be honest this is what I have learned to love about the unexpected, inopportune snow fall ;I have learned that it forces me, and you to stop ,and  suspend the frenzy going on in our lives and minds ,for just a moment to provide a brief time for all to check in , on a heart level, with the ones we care for. Believe me, there is nothing, and I mean nothing/more important than that, and if you don’t understand this now I pray someday you will.

I love you all. Be safe whatever you may do this day, and tomorrow, but, I suggest that you embrace the snow go get yourself some hot chocolate add a shot of peppermint to it,and than sit back, and thank God that you have each other; for some people don’t even have that. So, with all that being said…

Let it snow, Let it snow…Let it snow!!!!

DCL Ministries

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