Don’t You Just Love Happy Accidents?

This week as I pulled away from the hustle and bustle that life ,so often takes us on, I learned that I wasn’t as spontaneous as I’d thought.

I have always enjoyed spur of the moment activities, but this week with the snow storm pending my plans were thwarted, and with my flight being cancelled the sheer thought of it sent me into a panic ,as I pondered, on all that I would not be  able to complete due to the fierce interruption from mother nature.

To my surprise my sister and I received a text saying that our brother, neither of us had seen in years, was just two hours away, and all I coould do was smile as I ,secretly, thanked God for blessing us with this serendipidous moment.

What would I do without the Lord directing my footsteps, and governing my life? I would be up the creek without a paddle that’s what! I realized in such a a short time that when God wants to make something happen in and for our lives we must show the teacher that we are pliable enough to go with the flow even though we don’t have a clue as to what is happening in the moment.

Holy Spirit asked me one time, “How can you say you trust me when I have to explain everything to you before we do it?”

I am sure you can imagine that I was speechless, humbled, and in awe of the Lord’s ability to communicate with me so clearly and quickly. What an amazing God we serve…when we actually decide to serve Him.

So, today and going forward volunteer  to be a living sacrifice ,and commit to allowing God to lead you, surprise you, manuever you, and astound you with all that he might have for you around the corner. Don’t limit God and try to control the things He might be trying to do in your life, just let go,and let GOD do what he does best a miracle!

DCL Ministries

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