How God Saved Me Through The Da Vinci Code

I am a witness that God can save anyone through anything, and if you don’t believe me than please allow me to tell you my story.

I am so proud to be a believer, and follower of Jesus Christ, and after all that I have been through I love Him still! At the time of my Damascus moment I was at a point in my life that the ratio of lost versus happiness was tipping over, everyday , more and more, on to the scales of lost and agitated with a side order of frustration to boot. I am sure many of you can relate to a moment in your life  when you’ve discovered that there is something wrong with you, on the inside, even though others are convinced, only by looking in, that things might appear fabulous.

I needed to dive into something ,that means AKA for needing a distraction, and because  I have always loved to read I chose, while in the crossroads of my life, to read The Da Vinci Code.

I remember reading this book and sinking more and more into the history , and the references of the bible while this book, for me,dabbled in fascinating illustrations and meanings of past and present symbols, theology, myths and metaphors. I was, as they say, in my happy place, and unable to put the book down for days. As I continued to read I started to relate to the theory’s it produced in my mind, and it only seemed to take these faint suggestion, and the green light to head rapidly down a rabbit hole of speculation only to spill over into a world of confusion as to how the bible was inspired, and written.

I was intrigued, but it was like I started out on the illusion of a spiritual journey that somehow the book could not fulfill for me when I so desperately was in need of more. As I look back now it is clear that the sheep was hearing His voice, and I heard His voice, but didn’t know what steps to take nor what questions to ask in order to satisfy the deep craving , suddenly, ignited in me.

I will never forget I reached out to my older sister a woman and a friend in my life that is walking closely with the Lord. She immediately disliked the confusion that the book sent me into, and as she tried to untangle the thoughts in my mind as I continued to ask question after question about the theories this book was presenting my sister simply said to me over the phone,

“You will have to read the bible for yourself to find your answers!”

I remember being more frustrated that my sister wouldn’t provide me the answers to my questions for free , but I decided to take her up on the challenge and read the bible for myself. I , at that time of my life, was no stranger to the word of God since my parents brought us up ,as children, knowing who God is, but it had been a long time since I really sought His face on my own, and for my own reasons and not my parents.

I found what I was looking for, and instantly felt a stabilizing peace in my Spirit that the other book could and would never provide. Praise the Lord for finding me in one book, and ultimately leading me to the ‘good book’ called the Bible, and after many days and nights of reading I continued to consult my sister on the things I had discovered for myself in the word of God. Geneva prayed for me non-stop for she new what was on the threshold and in the doorway for me at this time of my life it was my Salvation ready to take me as a bride. We talked, and I knew I wanted to give my life over to the Lord , but I was so scared I didn’t know what to expect, and who I was going to become, but I knew I was finished with my old coping mechanisms, and my way of doing things . I needed help. My sister Geneva was about to lead me through the Salvation prayer over the phone and I said wait, “I need to do this with God, just him and me, and from my heart to his. I want to talk to him first” My sister told me what I would need to say to the Lord while I poured my heart to him. I told my sister that I would call her back when I was done.

My heart was racing, and beating so fast because I knew what I was about to do was huge, and I really wanted to mean it, nothing fake could be in this moment for me. I had to me all in, and with purest intentions towards this decision. I bent down to my knees, on my living room floor, and released my emotions and fears, and dreams to God, my repentance, and my need desperate need to have Him as Lord over my life. I confessed with my mouth that Jesus is Lord, and then I cried, I cried, and cried, and cried some more, and then I felt so much love, so much love, so much love!  I know now the angels were having a party because on April 26, 2006 I received my Salvation and I walked down the isle in my wedding dress, and truly met my husband that day a man that will never leave me nor forsake me in my lifetime, and yes ,if you’re wondering, I have been married ever since.

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God–not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” 

Come join the party!!!

DCL Ministries


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