DCL Ministries Touched By Touch Of God Radio

When you are a Christian , and serving the Lord Jesus Christ you have the opportunity to work with such amazing people as well as being apart of, and experiencing such wonderful ministries. What an honor it is to fellowship with Touch of God Radio …again! I really feel at home when I am with them, and what they are accomplishing for the Lord through this ministry is amazing.

So, I found myself in the Florida area, and was invited back by Pastor Marc & Pastor Catrice Whelan to join them in discussing how and where do we, as people, return to the source and refuel? We had so much fun as we opened up in prayer, and gave spiritual fuel to those that had ears to hear on Rejoice 103.7 FM  & 1140 AM in Orlando ,Florida .

Please , feel free to,  listen in as we tease your ears, and fill your belly with the beliefs that are so deep in our hearts, and fresh in our minds. You can listen right here.

Enjoy it!

DCL Ministries


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