What If Mary Didn’t Believe That Motherhood Was a Ministry?

Mary, the little girl that said, ” I am the Lord’s servant. Let it be to me according to your word.” I can’t imagine as a young teenager the courage it took for Mary to produce these words, and  when you leap frog through time , these words, still have the ability to move any believer’s heart. What trust , and faith it took for her to speak these words…and mean it! Very few, in my opinion, could utter these words let alone carry it out. As readers we followed along, and watched Mary in the scriptures go through many trials, and yet she kept going, no matter what. I can’t help but think, perhaps, that is why the Lord chose her. Not many could walk out , to the end, what Mary endured. Oh yes, the sacrifices of a mother…

Motherhood is a tough job because it requires all of you from the moment of conception to the moment you close your eyes…or theirs. The gift of patience, and the commitment one must have, just as Mary did, to birth a child, and then raise that child; no sleep, no rest,all worry, and no time for anything else except for the baby, and that is just the beginning of the road to be traveled. Than you discover, for some mothers abruptly,  that it’s not about you anymore, and you are lucky to shower or comb your hair because a baby is demanding of ones energy, time, attention, sanity, heart and anything else you have been holding back inside yourself.

Oh yes, if you didn’t know it motherhood is a ministry, and what’s so wonderful about it is you never know who the Lord gave you to raise: Elizabeth birthed John the Baptist the one called to prepare the way for the Lord, Jochebed birthed Moses the one called to deliver the Israelite’s out of bondage,  Hannah birthed the Prophet Samuel which spoke for God at at time when He had been forgotten, and Mary birthed Jesus Christ our Savior the one who died on the cross for my and your sins so that we may have Salvation.

What responsibility , when you really think about it, a parent being trusted with these courageous individuals that were once in their womb; these children that were prayed for,protected, nurtured, cared for and loved so that they, one day, would not only come to know their purpose but to live to fulfill their God given destiny. Praise the Lord for He is to be glorified!

So in the end, if you are struggling with being a mother just imagine if these mothers didn’t realize that their destiny for them to fulfill was to actually be a mother; that the Lord entrusted those babies to their care, as God has entrusted your baby to you. It is a gift.

So I ask again, what if Mary didn’t realize that motherhood is a ministry that is to be carried all the way through no matter how old your child gets…where would we all be right now?

Let’s all bring this New Year in right!

DCL Ministries


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