Get Out of the Way and Let God Do it!

In the world we live in we are constantly being told only the strong survive, but when are we going to get it? I have to be honest it physically hurts when someone tells me after I have just run the race with perseverance, and jumped hurdles like a track star over my trials and tribulations only to emerge ,and be told … just hang in there, and be strong.

When are we as Christians, and as seekers of His face going to surrender, and STOP trying to be strong- or worse- bent on trying to DO IT ALL? When will we get to a place of trusting, and a place of acknowledging that God does not need our help when it comes to His will being done in  and for our lives.

Are we, as people, going to be like Rebekah in the bible? A woman not satisfied with the sweet, merciful Lord informing her of the reason why she endured such awful pains due to  the promise being birthed in her womb? Or are we going to be like the disobedient Rebekah, the one who takes it upon herself to assist Jacob, her son, to cleverly swindle Esau out of his birthright?

Many of us today are having difficulty staying still while God is birthing the promise in our womb, and even though the Lord so graciously provides us all with life lines or a word of encouragement like he did with Rebekah; it still never seems to make us hesitate when we poke our nose where it doesn’t belong, when  God asks us to take a back seat, as He  works, on our behalf, in secret. We must learn to see, and therefore understand that even though we are made in the Lord’s image there will be seasons where we will not be permitted to make any decisions for our lives like God the Father does, but rather walk out the Father’s decisions by ,simply, being obedient like God the Son.

So my advice today is: Just let God do it and Get out of the way . Just sit still stand back, and  let God do what He does best…a MIRACLE.

DCL Ministries


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