Clean Up on Isle 10 & Praying on Isle 12

As , my sister, her husband and I were preparing for the holidays we were excited at the chance to go grocery shopping together. That particular day we were all there to purchase what we needed, but also to bless a man that was down on his luck with a cart full of groceries to boot. As my sister, and I walked arm and arm to locate an apple shaver to make apple pie we greeted folks on the way.

To our surprise ,as we greeted a gentleman walking towards us,  we heard him say God Bless you too, and by the way …you both smell nice today. We could not help but turn to one another and giggle, and then simultaneously say,  ” Thank you!”

I quickly felt another divine moment in my spirit, and this was confirmed when my sister said to the gentleman is there anything we can pray for you about? He looked, smiled, stared at us both, and said, “Yes!” We were in the way of people rushing down the grocery isle looking for the last items they could find therefore we scooted down isle 12. I smiled inside myself because you just never know what God has for you to do so, be ready and willing to run errands for Him wherever, and whenever.

As we spoke more to this gentleman we learned that his name was Kenny, and he was looking for a church to attend that could really feed him the word of God, and he was struggling in a relationship with a woman that he had grown to have feelings for. My sister ,and I grabbed his hands as we all bowed our heads in isle 12 to pray to the Father, and ask for guidance, and clarity for Kenny. We asked for the Lord to have him surrounded by the right influences, and for the Lord to guide Kenny when he found himself becoming doubtful. We asked the Lord to prompt Kenny, through the Holy Spirit to dig more into the word of God rather than relying on people for a word( rhema) from God.

We all talked, and shared in the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living-yes, on isle 12, and yes for about an hour 1/2. As my sister always says, ” It was delicious!” We then recommended for Kenny to fellowship at an amazing church called .The Heart of the Father with Senior Pastor Jeremiah Johnson. He said he would love to as we hugged, and wished one another the best in our journeys.

Isn’t God gorgeous the way he works?

Please feel free to share your Random Act Of Kindness (R.A.O.K.) with us, and know that it is truly in the small things that , I believe, can change the world.

DCL Ministries

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