The Tri-Fold of the Authority, Submission…Position

Oh my… the dreaded authority and submission -position. No matter who you are, and who’s you are at some point in our lives, we will all be forced to endure having to submit to the authority placed over us.

I know, I know, I cringe too when I see or hear the word submit it just has the power to not make me feel , let’s just say, warm inside. Unfortunately this is the way of the world, and like everything else being shoved down our throats, by society, we must adjust and more importantly survive. Being submissive can be tricky because , in my opinion, it challenges internally, those that embark on the God given meaning, whether they understand the definition of submission at all. In life it seems like day in ,and day out we encounter people that desire power, and as a result might have to endure the various hot heads that know how to give an order , but can’t seem to take any orders. Why? because they don’t have a full understanding as to how these words ,actually, go hand in hand.

I could not help but speculate on where would the world be if people, worldwide, only wanted to give orders, but no one willing to carry them out? If you guessed the answer  of chaos personified then you are right. It is time , especially now in the world, to step back and take a moment to see that the best leaders, in my opinion, are the ones that know how to submit. I can just imagine the feathers that I have ruffled on my theory, but I have to stand my ground on this one for when I think of Jesus Christ submitting to the will of the Father, and then having to submit again by becoming flesh, then having to submit again to living as man would live, and then having to submit to the Holy Spirit while incarnate, and then when he could have had a whole host of angels come to his aid while Pontius Pilate was chastising him he uttered not a word in his defense nope, Christ just opted to submit to death. I wonder how many of you would do that?

All I see , from where I sit, is the magnanimous God the Son submitting to His Father, and walking out the consequences of that decision that ultimately, through submitting, lead him to death, for us. So I ask if Christ had to submit and adjust to the daily demands of the authority placed over him, why do you think you should not have to? Remember that He knows the plans He has for you, declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future. I know it is so hard, because some authorities placed over us are less than desirable , but if you trust in the one directing your footsteps than there is nothing to fear just submit as Christ did, and watch how the sweet Lord works it all out for your good, and His glory.

Yes, I will say it again- as I see it authority and submission go hand in hand; hands that hung on the cross, and submitted for you. Just you. Now, isn’t that the kind of boss you are looking for?

DCL Ministries



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