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Bulls-eyebite on hand

Lime’s Disease is quickly rising as an illness to watch out for . Here at R.A.O.K. we wanted to feature and introduce to you The Lymenator’s ,a couple in Pa. area, which are dedicated to educating all, on this debilitating disease that can often mask as other illnesses leaving many in our world misdiagnosed.

Here in these photos we have a patient that was not feeling well, chronically tired, headaches, running a fever at night, achy with these bite marks on her hand. After this woman had traveled quite a bit, and then came home it was then that she began having the symptoms described above.

When you are in a rural area with your family perhaps taking a hike, biking riding, or even on a walking trail in the woods be mindful that it is not just a mosquito that can bite you; there is much more lurking in the forest then just the big bad wolf. Always check your body for ticks after you have come from a long hike or trekking in the woods. Ticks carry diseases, and can attach themselves to you at anytime from anything. They are looking for a host they can feed on and once they have landed on you or your family pet they have the ability to embed themselves deep into your skin.

Ticks after landing on the victim will slice open the hosts skin with their mouthparts and attach themselves. If left undetected a tick can remain embedded onto your skin for up to 3 weeks sucking your blood so, checking your hair, near your belly button, and any hidden dark area that is on you or your family pet should be viewed immediately following.

It is actually best to find the tick on you, dislodge the pesky sucker and contact the Lymenator’s due to the highly sensitive tick tester they have to identify which type of tick bit you. Yes, there are several different types, and being able to catch your tick in the act will be beneficial in diagnosing your treatment that will follow.

The second photo shown above is something called a ” bull’s eye rash” located under the arms near the lymph nodes. As bad as this may look this is often referred to as ” The luck ones” why? because only 50% of the people actually get a rash indicating that you have indeed been bitten by a tick. As stated in this article many suffering silently from this illness go misdiagnosed for years, and the added pain of wondering what is wrong with me often levels each patient as the undertow of these symptoms begin to flourish in their body.

Contact The Lymenator’s, a couple of 13 years, have been featured on primetime television, and educational seminars, and fairs across the country; dedicating their time and efforts to educating all on this disease sweeping the nations.


Contact The Lymenator’s for your tick test and many other products they feature, a educational seminar, or fair in your city today at 1-800-374-6097 or email them at http://www. lymenator.com

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