One day I was feeling not so cheerful therefore I thought I should venture out, and sit in the park that is close to where I live. As I pulled out my book, The Celebration of Discipline, which was decided previously, to frame the thoughts of my day I immediately felt a wave of sadness come over me for the reality had set in that I was alone. I quickly regrouped, and did all I could to focus on my book, and let the rays of sunshine soak into my face for it was clear that Indian summer, as I heard it called, was lingering on before winter would be ushered into center stage. I had already committed to an afternoon of reading and meditation on the chapter at hand, but as I look back now God had something else in mind. I looked up to take in the phrase of my book, and I see a young man ,and his dog walking towards me. We exchanged salutations , and names which I then discovered that his was Nick, and his dog was Roo. I said your dog is beautiful,    “what is it?” He laughed and said he wasn’t sure, but the breeder  ,who almost starved the puppy to death, said it was full pit bull. We both frowned, and thought otherwise; looks like part lab & pit bull to me as we both laughed. I realized it was that laugh that I needed to break up my dismal day, and it was clear conversation was his need of choice.

Nick, to say the least, was very passionate about not leaving that puppy behind once he laid eyes on her  after witnessing the deplorable environment she was living in so, he bought her for $200. I thought,      ” Wow most young adults his age are spending their money on the latest fashion or technical gadgets, but not this young man; nope his was a dog.    ” I was instantly impressed, and intrigued to learn more about him, and why he would feel compelled to rescue this puppy even though he new his parents would be furious with him. I will never forget what Nick said ,              ” I felt saving her was worth the sacrifice.”

All I could think about was our Lord and Savior, and how he uttered those same words for all of mankind with all of his actions, encouragement, and ultimately with His sacrifice on the cross. Nick’s sacrifice, and love for this mistreated puppy moved me to tears that I dare not show as I sat still and let the Lord minister to me through this dog and his master. Nick continued expressing the conditions and condition of Roo when he found her, the malnutrition, and loss of weight this puppy endured and ultimately overcame once they crossed paths. I watched as Nick would call her and she would come runnin back to him, back to the person  that loved her enough to rescue her and to feed her, and save her from her own fate of death.Roo would jump on him and lick him showing her loyalty and gratitude for his random act of kindness to her. Nick said, with a big smile,  ” At first my father said no we can’t have her, but now…my parents love her!”

In the two hours together we shared bits of our journey to one another, and then we ended up speaking about our belief and views on God. Nick said he believed in God and how his curiosity lead him to studying Buddhism at the present time. I said since you are seeking, and looking at different things why don’t you take a look at Jesus Christ while you are at it. Nick said he would do that. I was very moved at how smart this young man was, his independence, courage, and focus he had to do something more with his life. I asked him had he thought about becoming a veterinarian and he said he had always wanted to as a child, but he hesitated because of the long commitment to that type of program. He thought that since he  was good with his hands a two year trade school might be better. He added his pain, and struggle of him just graduating high school and how he almost didn’t make it, and how his brother, and parents encouraged him to finish, and with their support he did.

I saw the hand of God on his life so, I took a chance, and asked if I could pray for him.

He hesitated, and I thought, ” You’ve done it now!” He looked at me in my eyes, and said,  ” yes”

I quickly said,  ” I don’t want you to feel pressured Nick” and he said, ” I can make my own decisions, and I want you to pray for me.”

I assured him that I was not doing any sort of hocus pocus, and he should not be afraid. The Lord , if he allowed him to come into his life would make him the best version of himself, and for the Lord to show himself to Nick… to show himself so that Nick would know that God Almighty is real, and wanted to get to know him on a personal level. We prayed with Roo, his dog, beside us, and after two hours of talking we parted ways with him saying ,  ” Good luck on your journey”

As Nick and Roo disappeared into the trees peppered with ,beautiful, fall leaves I had such peace, and thanked God for my encounter, and then I thought about something a woman asked me that same day…

What is God spelled backwards?

All I could do was smile for we are all protected even when we don’t know it…

Please share your R.A.O.K. with us, and watch as a smile creeps up on your face and a space opens in your heart for the great I AM!

DCL Ministries


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