In 2020 Relax. Gods Got This…

“Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” ( Nehemiah 8:10).

As I was driving home from church, I heard this scripture surface in my spirit. Ironically, it’s quite timely for me personally, because like Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem God is also rebuilding, reestablishing and  restoring my life also. Today, I am alive and active because Christ is alive and active in me while in union and in love with Him– how sweet it is. As this scripture surfaced I was reminded of a dream I had 11-years ago regarding the house I had lived in at the time. In this dream, I was driving home as well, and as I came upon the home I resided in, more than half of the house was gone. To clarify, it was not coming down or being torn down, but the walls remaining were neatly still standing without bearing walls being present; something a carpenter would know would be impossible on its own. What was even more bizarre was the lack of response or complaints, on my block, from my neighbors. No one had called the police or asked me why the house was missing walls, yet still standing. It was as if what was happening was viewed as normal or acceptable.

I walked through the home that looked exactly like my house and what I noticed about the walls still standing was the scripture hanging on them and the walls missing hadn’t any scripture on them. I awoke, and as I prayed asking Holy Spirit what it all meant it wasn’t until weeks later that I realized the things that were not of Christ in my life were going to melt away and what remained would be of Him. In other words, relationships, jobs, friends, habits, thoughts, traditions, wrong beliefs, furniture, clothes and desires would all be removed if they were not rooted and grounded in Him. And, the only thing’s remaining would be the things God wanted in my life. I was in shock, but on board and the last 11 years has been about letting go of many, many things not of Him.  At the time, I am sure I thought I needed all the things I worked so hard to get, but 11-years later I found myself giving away or selling the majority of everything I owned and not blinking an eyelash or feeling any remorse or sadness for doing so. It has been a slow, painful process, but also a fruitful one. I found myself, my gifts and I heard the Call from God–and I came a runnin’!

I love this text, because it begins with telling those that have had to rebuild their lives, perhaps experiencing unimaginable grief and forced to let go of crumbling, weak and corroding walls to do just that–let it go and in the midst of 911 coming to their door lean on what remained –Gods Word, love and promises. In this text, while rebuilding Nehemiah reminds us all to still laugh, eat choice food, hang out with like-minded friends, and drink tasty drinks . However, while we seemingly have nothing we ought to still give what we do have to those who haven’t anything prepared–in advance. You see, God is a God that provides more than enough even in the midst of transition, but it depends on the way one views their trials. We have more than enough. Why? Because the JOY and love we feel for the Lord is truly our strength. We do not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord.

I am learning to relax and not fight the process I must go through as He does a great and mighty work in me even when it feels like I suffer until the 25th hour. But, I know with all my heart that GODS GOT THIS so, I need not be stressed, perplexed, depressed , doubtful or anxious. I need to simply taste and see that the Lord is good and not always think that life has to be good in order to see and experience His goodness. I have overcome, and am an overcomer, because He is my GOD and I am His people.

Today is a sweet reminder that in the midst of whatever you’re going through; whether you’re beginning a storm, in the midst of the storm or grateful the storm has passed, it is time to celebrate how far you’ve come–with Christ–the Reedemer, Sustainer, Restorer, Provider and Savior.

DCL Ministries

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