Dovetales Continues… What Are We Willing to Do to Survive Separation and Divorce?

#Dovetales is back Sunday, November 18, 2018 to continue unpacking the many layers of Separation and Divorce. I am excited to share this series alongside my co-host author and founder of Revive House Ministries, Rachel Kidder. It has been wonderful to know that we are not alone and as we learned the lessons from our past experiences we decided to share our stories with you in hopes that you would share your stories with us.

This time we’re discussing this question, ” What Are We Willing To Do to Survive Separation and Divorce?” Sadly, so many of us have a long list of what we won’t do, but what are we willing to do in order to come out of this humbling experienced whole and alive again. It took such a long time for me to regain my balance, but I realized if I wanted to change my life, I had to change my mind. So, join us as we navigate the emotions, strongholds, and bad habits that threatened to dismantle our storybook ending. The fun begins at 2:30pm eastern time.

To listen in on our broadcast , click here.

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