Dovetales Interviews Author of the Soon to be Released, Unloveable by Speaker and Life Coach Tina Yeager

Dovetales is back Sunday, November 11, 2018 to unpack the testimony of speaker, counselor, life coach and twenty-six awarding winning writer and author the fearless and phenomenal Tina Yeager. However, it might surprise you with a resume as long as this that my guest wasn’t always fearless, nor was she always courageous in her daily struggles as she sought to overcome low-self esteem, body image issues, and eating disorder behavior. She credits her determination and success to the grace of God as He drew her focus back on Him while navigating the wilderness of uncertainty, fear, doubt and confusion. Tina Yeager says that Holy Spirit refined her heart and honed her soul with a steadfast perseverance which she never believed she could ever maintain. But, I am learning that sometimes one must simply do the impossible, believe in the unfathomable and love the unlovable as we commit to the One who did the unthinkable, when dying on the cross so “we all” could have a second ( third, fourth, fifth) chance. Folks, hope is here for you today, right now, because Christ died so we could be BORN AGAIN! Join us as we enjoy another riveting testimony on Dovetales with Deborah.

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A Little More About Author, Tina Yeager:

Author, speaker, licensed counselor, and life coach, Tina has won over twenty-two writing awards. She is the publisher of Inkspirations Online, a writers’ devotional and mentors five chapters of Word Weavers International. A friend of Jesus since childhood, the Lord drew her to center all significance upon Him and called her to write over twenty-five years ago. To book her as a speaker, coach, or manuscript therapist, visit or

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