What Guest’s Are Saying About Their Experience on the Christian Show Dovetales

Deborah Lassiter is one of a kind. She reached out to me on LinkedIn in 2017, and asked if I’d be interested in being a guest on her radio show, Dovetales. I agreed to do the show, but little did I know that we would have such a divine connection. There aren’t too many women that I know who have such a genuine spirit and love for life like Deborah. She exudes confidence, love, kindness, and transparency – which are quite rare in the world that we live in today. Because of the interview on Dovetales, I gained the confidence that I needed to open up about my story of adversity, which launched me into my motivational speaking career. I am so grateful for Deborah who showered me with words of encouragement and support to be vulnerable about my adversity in hopes of helping someone else through there’s. Thank you Deborah for being a woman of God who serves to better the world, one person at a time.

Dupé Aleru

Speaker | Curriculum Development Coach

W: www.dupealeru.com 

E: daleru@dupealeru.com

DCL Ministries


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