What Guest’s Are Saying About Their Experience on the Christian Show Dovetales

My experience on Dovetales has been great, I have had feedback from some listeners and they felt really blessed and I had an amazing time on the show. I have also listened back to the show and I felt so inspired and re-energised in my walk with the Lord. The experience of sharing my Dovetale has been good for me as it has helped to lighten my burden and I know that the Lord has used me as a source of blessing to so many people. I have also listened to the show on some occasions and I have also been blessed by guests on the show and Deborah as the host.

Deborah has also been an exceptional host, the prayer sessions before the programme begins is very good as I know this has helped me see the move of the Lord more during the show and everything else becomes a walk in the park. Deborah also comes across very clear and concise, and the questions are very relatable and practical, and this is very good for the guest and listeners on the show.

I will sure be happy to listen to the shows in the future as this has blessed me in tremendous ways.

Author, Tolu Akinyemi

DCL Ministries

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