DCL Ministries Celebrate’s Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! What a special day for those dad’s who cherish, raise, teach, and provide for their little one’s. I still marvel at why Mother’s Day is so much bigger and more commercialized than Father’s Day. Doesn’t it take two people to have a baby…naturally? Nonetheless, whether you are a father or a mother, it’s not enough to simply give birth, but to also be consistently present in your child’s life. This is how one passes down the blessings to their children, by being present while protecting and raising them in the way that they should go.

What a beautiful role parents have in this world, for it’s not just about producing children which look like us. It is about much, much more and a role that parents will never cease doing. Enjoy your families today and cherish the sweet time you have together!

May the Lord Bless you all…

DCL Ministries

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