Dovetales Welcomes the Powerful and Victorious Ordained Minister Anesha A. Sharp

#Dovetales is looking forward to spending time with you this Sunday, June 10, 2018 2:30 pm eastern time as I unpack the testimony of a woman who has had the trials of Job on her shoulders: #molested#raped#abortions#estranged family, #abusive and #alcoholic father, bleeding kidney and #divorce. I know #God never gives us more than we can handle, but who could handle all of this? Folks, the beauty of being in union with Christ is we were never created to handle the trials of life alone. We are to believe the Gospel; believe that #Christ died on the cross for our sins, allow those beliefs to convict us when we disregard the Word of God in our daily lives, and make decisions in alignment with those beliefs. But, it is the work Of the #Holy Spirit that allows one to supernaturally overcome the darkness: the rape, molestation, abuse, and divorce. Surely we were never meant to do it in our own will power for we NEED the comforter, the gift, the Holy Spirit. So, join me as I interview the bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur and ordained minister Anesha A. Sharp. And, let’s celebrate, because those who follow His Will will never look like what they’ve gone through, because the Joy of the Lord is their strength!

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Anesha Sharp is the Executive Director for a world renowned ministry, Charles Martin Ministries. As an ordained minister, Anesha has a desire to minister to people of all walks of life, but she has a relentless enthusiasm to help women and youth succeed. She is a bestselling author who obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. The first book she authored entitled Unlocking the Doors to Destiny is a critically acclaimed inspirational work documenting her triumphs over hardships that sought to destroy her and the courage she displayed to successfully reclaim her life to live a life of purpose. Her most recent publication, And She Laughed Volume I is a fictional piece of varied experiences women encounter geared toward helping them see the champion in them no matter the situations they face. In her passion for the success of today’s youth she recently created a curriculum entitled, Who Am I Anyway. A curriculum designed to help youth of today have a clear introspective look at themselves and not succumb to life’s traps.

Anesha is the creator of the Writer’s Boot Camp! A workshop series inspired to help authors find their voice and tell their true authentic stories. As an Author Coach her program assists aspiring authors to produce a Best Selling Book and a develop a successful marketing plan in only six months.

Anesha is the mother of two handsome sons and one beautiful daughter. In addition she is an award winning and highly sought after conference speaker whose words deliver, inspire and invoke change in the lives of the audiences she touches. With her infectious smile, genuine love of life and people; her transparent messages have been delivered in schools, churches, workshops and conferences around the nation. She has also been featured in several magazine publications, interviewed on several radio stations, and on television. She is passionate about helping people discover their true identity and fully develop in their purpose. Anesha resides in a Suburb of Oklahoma City.

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