Dovetales Interviews Breast Cancer Survivor and Pastor Janet Fears

Hello everyone! Dovetales is excited to be back this Sunday, June 3, 2018 with my first guest CEO, Poet, Author; the fabulous pastor Janet Fears. My guest worked at the Joliet Township Central, Eastern, and Western Campus for 32 years and then retired to pursue her dreams of writing. I heard a pastor say, in the Bible there is no such thing as retirement… only REFIRE-ment! It is like God gives one a second portion; rejuvenating and stirring even up even more so the gifts through the power of the Holy Spirit in order to press on toward the higher calling. Folks, never think it is too late to be Born Again, for pastor Janet Fears; survivor of breast cancer confesses that everything she does is for the Glory of God. It is He who remains the center of her life as she heads the Grace & Glory Ministry and the “Eye On Magazine” found on Amazon with her husband. Honestly, life is only over if you say it’s over. Otherwise, God has much work for the one whose heart is still willing to serve. So, join us for another Dovetales with Deborah. The fun begins at 2:30 pm eastern time.

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A NOTE FROM pastor Janet Fears

I was born and raised in Joliet , IL

I worked at Joliet Township Central campus, also Joliet East Campus & Joliet West Campus, for over 32 years, then retired to pursue my writing dreams, in 2004.

I have  a degree in “Fitness & Nutrition,” from International Correspondence Schools in Scranton, PA, & did two fitness videos with Fitness Trainer Tony Little.  I have a degree in Fiction writing from NRI schools in Washington D.C, where I graduated with honors.

I write poetry, black folklore, plays, children christian books, and romantic christian novels.

I publish with  Crawlspace and Kindle on Amazon now, but in the beginning my novels were published by America Star Books, out of  Frederick, Maryland,   I think Create space is the best, they giving unknown authors a real chance to have their books seen, and read all around the world.

I also love to cook… plus I love to read other authors work as well as write articles on line…God has delivered me from breast cancer.  I am a survivor for more than 16years.  All that I do, I do to the Glory of God…he is the best , and I love him…perhaps that is why I also feel honored & privileged to be chosen by him to serve him as a pastor.  I am CEO of Grace & Glory Ministry/Heaven’s Child Ministry here in Joliet, Illinois.  My husband and I also design & run a christian mug business called “Janet & Arthur’s Unique Christian Mugs”.  I am also the publisher of a writers magazine( “Eye On Magazine”) on Amazon too.  I have published seven so far for writers, to help writers further their craft of writing, which comes out each new month.. Currently I am working on my newest christian novel “Esther”, as well as other projects too!  I love to WRITE!!

My websites are listed below

I am also on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin

DCL Ministries

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