Happy Memorial Day to the Many Who Have Loved, Lost, and Seen Another Day…

As I was cleaning today, I began to pray in the spirit and was quickly reminded of all who have fought for our country; our freedom, and peace of mind. Memorial Day shouldn’t be only viewed as a day that the masses have off, but a day of reflection and compassion for the many who lost their lives in battle for the very freedoms that exist today…right now. I have never been in the type of battle that soldiers have been in, but the courage, fear, and uncertainty for what can happen must dwell in their thoughts. I can imagine the things that many take for granted such as family, friends, leisure , love, safety and security are no doubt what many, in service to our country, hold close to their hearts as they treasure letters and packages delivered.

Holy Spirit reminded me of Uriah the Hittite, better known as Bathsheba’s husband and the one who was placed at the front of the lines by the hands of Kind David.  The front of the lines is where the battle, the confrontation, the rage to take over the desired territory is the heaviest. I pondered on the millions, on both sides, that have died as a “type” of Uriah; one fighting in the front-lines with all their might and strength to protect themselves, fellow troops, me and you. It these courageous men and women who are in the  heart of the storm, the eye of the battle, standing back the danger which threatens to rob mankind of their right to live, dwell–exist. In the front lines, whether we endure physical, mental or spiritual battles, we must confront what confronts us–right there in the moment. As a result of these men and women fighting for our country, it is you and I who benefit from their incomprehensible courage, dedication, and commitment to a cause greater than themselves.

DCL Ministries thanks you and know that this ministry dare not take your fallen lives for granted. You are celebrated and NOT forgotten. May the Lord watch over your families until Christ’s return.

DCL Ministries

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