Deborah Lassiter Inspirational You Tube Video- Are You Allowing God To Go Before You?

In these times, we find it challenging when getting out of God’s way and letting Him go before us. I love that , when I am feeling low, I know that I can trust Him. It is hard, but He will move the mountains in our lives. Will you let Him? Tune into this video and rejoice as we find peace in the darkness, because life can be so difficult when trying to grasp that we CAN trust God. After disappointments, doubt, fears, and abandonment it is darn near difficult to allow Him to take the wheel. Watch this video and be encouraged and find HOPE when letting God go before you. He is all knowing, all powerful, and the wind and rain still know His name. Enjoy this sweet Sunday, Afternoon.

Watch Video Here

DCL Ministries

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