Dovetales Interviews Author, Writer and Speaker Vernita Simmons

Dovetales is back and will be spending time with our listeners as we sprinkle encouragement all over you this Sunday, March 11, 2018. God is beautiful, don’t you agree? Well my guest, the faith-filled writer, author, and speaker Vernita Simmons surely agrees. From a young age Vernita found herself reading the Bible to her grandmother who was legally blind, a moment she will treasure and learn from from the rest of her life. Many discard the wisdom, strength, and knowledge of those experienced souls who’ve lived long enough to tell US- a thing or two about how to navigate this unpredictable world. Vernita Simmons credits her remarkable grandmother, a woman who divinely touched her not only with her class and eloquence, but by also encouraging her to think deeply before expressing her thoughts. Sometimes in life we must humbly admit that we haven’t all the answers, but celebrate the established, wise, mentors God places in our lives when seeking His face on the way to our Promised Land. The conversation starts at 2:30 pm eastern time. Don’t miss it!

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Vernita “Neat” Simons

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Vernita, but I am also known by my family and dear friends as “Neat” or “Nita”. As a child, I often read the Bible to my grandmother who was blind. She was a remarkable woman who divinely touched me by her classy and eloquent way of expressing her thoughts as she dictated letters to my cousin. Her words were thought-provoking. We became trusted companions when she attended the monthly “Mother’s Board Meetings” at Antioch Baptist Church.  On occasion, I was encouraged and given the opportunity to make a comment.  In addition to realizing I had a gift of speaking, I later realized my grandmother had inspired me to become a writer too. I was merely nine years of age when I wrote my first play. It was the beginning of developing another passionate gift.

My desire then and even now, is for those I encounter; to be touched and inspired by my enthusiasm in sharing the gift of knowing God that is ever so present in my life.  God has enabled me to bring my writing and speaking talents in full circle as I gravitated to become a demonstrative praise worshiper.

This is just another faithful gift from the heart which was further developed when I served as a Minister in Training at Beth-El Love Christian Center in Orange, NJ.  It was at Beth-El, I met the anointed Pastors Robert and the late Dorothy Wilson. They allowed me to use my collective gifts as a Majestic Dance Worshiper, in November of 2010, to spearhead my first “Praise and Worship Conference”. Each year, people gathered throughout the region to be taught, equipped and charged with two important lessons.

They were to understand that worship was a lifestyle which needed to permeate every aspect of their lives and they were to help usher others into an awesome encounter with God.

In retrospect, how blessed I am, as my life – thus far – has allowed me to share my love of God in speaking, writing and worship organizing.  My opportunity to share the Lord in one aspect or another was full.  Either at workshops, various church functions or as a freelance writer or publisher. I have contributed writing to online sites such as LinkedIn, Community Christian Service Workers, and Faith Filled Family Magazine. I was even encouraged to write on other social network sites and create my own web page, to share freelance inspirational, and biblical writings too. Thus, I contribute to my website and Amazon Author Page, too. And I was given a personal forward written by Marty and Vickie Burlsworth after reading my critique of “Greater”, a major motion movie about their family.

It seems so long ago, long before Beth-El, as a single parent, I utilized being on welfare to my advantage by going back to school and graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Essex County College in Newark, NJ. While working as a Substitute Teacher, my unshakable faith in God stirred me to relinquish being a recipient of welfare. This book is a product of my willingness to trust the Lord no matter what. This has directed me from the time passed – to now.

Now and I say it again, it is my desire for my readers, to be deeply touched and ministered to as I continue to write with passion and inspiration. I write to encourage, inspire and empower people of all nations to realize God loves them and He has a divine design and purpose for their lives.  Their lives have a specific meaning and they are valuable and precious. The Lord breathed greatness within them that they may achieve what they thought – they never could.

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