Writer’s Corner Featured Author, SCORRE Speaker and Life Coach of the Month Ginny Priz (7/17)

DCL Ministries teams up with an extraordinary woman of God as she takes lessons from her life in order to impart what she’s learned to millions struggling emotionally. So many have sympathy for others, but how many individuals are moved with compassion to help those suffering around them? As we interviewed on Dovetales, the tenacious author , wise and funny Professional Life Coach as well as  SCORRE speaker Ginny Priz, it was clear that her passion and mission was to encourage others to take hold of Christ’s transformational power. Ginny shared how the Serenity Prayer was instrumental in her own Christ filled conversion, inspiring others to apply the lesson from her own experience in order to create a new Godly encounter for them.
Please help me celebrate the work and movement of this beauty who has thrived beyond the ashes of her own mishaps and mistakes. Let’s join in highlighting Ginny Priz and her vision for the entire month of July, while we also sew together our mistakes, misfortunes, and flaws realizing when offered over to Christ, we too can  see beauty from our ashes making God’s human tapestry a life worth learning from.
To listen in on Ginny’s wonderful Dovetale Interview, click here.
Ginny Priz encourages and inspires faith in others! She brings godly charm, fresh energy, and wisdom to every conversation. By blending story-telling, Biblical truth, and coaching tools, every audience leaves equipped with tools to experience real life change.
Ginny’s direct approach, authentic presence and humorous wit keeps audiences engaged. Her honesty and confidence in her identity in Christ shines light and hope on even the most difficult topics.
Beginning in college, Ginny put my faith in the backseat for a decade. Finally, after years of struggling with anxiety, codependency, and addiction, she surrendered and let God change her journey through the serenity prayer. She finally discovered her value in Christ! Ginny’s life was soon completely transformed! Peace and joy and freedom reign where despair and conflict once resided in her heart and mind.
Today, she has a passion for sharing this transformational power to help others along their own serenity journey. Everyone can experience peace and joy – no matter what happens.


Ginny is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) and a SCORRE Certified speaker. She is the author of Ditch The Drama, which equips readers with tools to help them navigate difficult emotions and relationships, discover (or rediscover) their identity in Christ, and experience joy and freedom in any situation.

Most recently, she anchors Bloom Today, a Christian television talk show discussing internal and external brokenness and how we can heal. It airs on WHTN/CTN in Middle Tennessee channel 39 at 9:30 pm every Tuesday and around the world live streaming on ctntv.org/livestream.

Beauty From the Ashes is an online interview ministry Ginny began in January of 2016 that offers hope to hurting women who are feeling alone and worried that their past will define them. Quarterly, she releases 10 women’s stories covering 10 different topics. These women reveal how God healed them and restored them out of the ashes of their pain. Past topics include: abortion, control, suicide, abandonment, abusive relationships, thoughts of worthlessness, affairs, etc.

One of Ginny’s greatest honors has been to serve as a teacher and sponsor through the Celebrate Recovery program. In 2011 Celebrate Recovery helped her climb out of codependency, alcohol & nicotine dependence. She will forever be grateful to the tools and teachers who guided my path to God’s peace that surpasses all understanding.

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