Writer’s Corner of the Month Domestic Abuse Overcomer and Author, Andrea Aviet (5/17)

DCL Ministries takes the time to highlight each month a ministry, a cause worth hearing about and most importantly a cause worthy of fighting for. As I interviewed author and survivor of domestic abuse Andrea Aviet on our Christian show Dovetales, she stole our hearts as her life’s journey was unpacked before our very eyes. Many people ask the question, “Why do those abused stay?” I have found in my own life, no matter what form of abuse you hang around for, it is only the abused who decides when they’ve had enough, for no one can tell you nor convince you when to leave. However, it is upon claiming the awareness of being made in God’s image that a new destiny, a new life, and a new journey can begin. I pray you would tune into this amazing, heartbreaking, eyeopening, and transparent woman of God tell her story, by clicking here.

Please join me as DCL Ministries highlights and supports Andrea Aviet, author of White Sorrow: A True Story of Marital Abuse and Survival. It is in this riveting book that Andrea spells out, in detail, the periods of starvation, cruelty, and poverty she endured during her five year marriage.  However, if you shy away from reality, confrontation or real emotion Andrea warns the reader,    “Do not read.” Andrea Aviet is giving a bold slice of personal perspective to her readers, in order to place a new face and provide a new hope to those who silently suffer. Taking what has happened, speaking out and breaking the silence through Jesus Christ is how survivor, Andrea Aviet overcame her abuser. I am reminded of the Apostle John when he expresses this,

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love” ( 1 John 4:18).

Allow the story, the testimony, the Dovetale of Andrea Aviet help you cast out your fears. Remember, you are not alone.

I leave you with: A Note from the Author…

Andrea Aviet is the successful author of White Sorrow, a true tale about her desperate struggle in an abusive marriage. It unveils trials and tribulations, showing how abuse can take many forms. Andrea wrote the book for many personal reasons, but with those put aside, she has used its success to help other women worldwide find strength to break free and escape the confines of coercive control.

The 5 ft, tiny author has another surprise up her sleeve though, and she is releasing that news through Dovetales first…she is writing a new book, this time fiction, but with the theme being about release and self appreciation.

Let’s take a sneak peak at the new book and the photo she will be using on the cover. Soon to be released, the fictional work is shaping out to be a self help and inspiring page turner; an eye opener into the world of sex, lies, deception, lust and true love. Covering and touching upon relationships, marriages, the art of loving making, sex addictions, explicit sexual desires and women’s issues, the book explores the inner most thoughts between couples.

It has something for everyone from bisexual to homosexuality, to gentle love making and forceful passion. It is a book which takes you behind the scenes, never judging someone based upon appearance, for what lies beneath is entirely different. Why do people venture down certain paths? Where does faith come in? What is the source of all our confidence issues, and the certainty about themselves that people lack?

The book demonstrates how to value yourself, and understand the connection between mind and body. The story even delves into the world of prostitution, showing that professional sexual careers do not mean that person is not of good character; in many cases there lies a deeper truth behind it.

Andrea Aviet has really looked at ways at breaking barriers between our desires, reality and the world of fantasy. But for now that is all she is letting out, the rest you will have to wait to read.

From the bounds of slavery in an abusive and controlling marriage, Andrea is emerging as an author with a difference trying to teach people to look beyond what lies in front of them, look deeper and don’t judge because you never know what circumstances are behind that person being who they are. Behind everyone and everything lies a hidden story, if you just dig deep enough you will uncover it.

To learn more about Andrea Aviet visit her website, here.

Or, follow her on her Facebook page on http://www.facebook.com/whitesorrow1

DCL Ministries

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