Writer’s Corner of the Month Author, Theresa A. Campbell (1/17)

theresa-campbell-photo-1The New Year is about redemption, fresh starts, forgiveness,  new beginnings, and drawing closer to the triune God -no matter what.  As we close out 2016, DCL Ministries ushers in sweet change while highlighting this woman of God who as a young girl lived without electricity until she was 11 years old. We know in the word of God that darkness is still light to the One who created it. How blessed we all are when discovering the blankets of grace and mercy laid out for us. DCL Ministries is honored to showcase Theresa A. Campbell as our choice, our pick, for Writer’s Corner ministry of the month for January 2017. Struggling to see is difficult, but only God can give sight beyond sight. Only God can make the crooked paths straight. Theresa has leaned on God and pressed in even when she didn’t understand while discovering in those times it was not a season of understanding God, but a season of trusting Him. Due to her obedience and love for Jesus, Theresa has become a soul-fulfilling entertaining novelist whom has published: Are You There God?, His Final Deal, God Has Spoken, and newly released Marked At Birth.

DCL Ministries had the pleasure of also having Theresa A. Campbell on our Christian radio show titled Dovetales. To listen in on her full and compelling testimony click here.

Here is a little bit more on our featured author Theresa A. Campbell:

Theresa A. Campbell hails from Jamaica, West Indies and has earned business degrees from Baruch College and Fairleigh Dickinson University. Growing up in rural Jamaica without electricity until she was about 11 years old made Theresa read a lot. However, the lack of modern amenities did not destract from her creativity; in a sense, it improved her ability to see the ending of a story from a different perspective. Theresa’s sense of purpose is entrenched in the belief that God is always there for us, and she knows in her heart that she has to share this with her readers. It’s Theresa’s objective to keep it real at all times in her books, so everyone can relate to her characters.

To book Theresa for events or to contact her click here.

“We were not designed to make it without God.”  Theresa A. Campbell

DCL Ministries

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