Be Still and Know that I’m with You…Be Still, Be Still…and Know.

Last week I woke up and a song by the group “The Frey” popped into my mind. So funny, because it is a song that is so beautiful, so tender, so moving, but if you’ve only heard it once, like I had, it’s also a difficult song to remember. However, as I woke up, there it was singing on its own in my mind. God knew that my life was so busy that I needed to hear these words, somehow, someway, for life can rush right by you when you’re jumping from one task to another. Always moving, always meeting deadlines, always trying, always doing, always begging God for a break.

I woke up with this song on my heart, as if Jesus was singing it over me as I slept. So sweet when I think of Jesus singing over me as I was being replenished in my slumber. God’s rest–there is nothing like it. However,  God knew the pressure and burdens, anxiousness and fear in my heart. How will it all get done? How will I make it through it all, and be sane afterwards? It is the lyrics of this song, along with its beautiful melody that makes me cry as I type the words…

Be still and know that I’m with you. Be still, be still….and know.

Thank you God.

DCL Ministries

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