Encourage Yourself

We all have to face this basic concept. There will be times no one will be available to talk to, to comfort us or consult us back from the pain . At times we are left alone with our thoughts and having to figure out how to self-soothe. It feels like the worse experience, but I’d like to encourage anyone out there to consider …encouraging yourself.

I have come to realize the more I leaned on others to get me through, the more I had to go into deep explanations in order to get the kind of therapy I needed. I always felt so helpless and pathetic, but in Jesus we don’t have to, because we can come boldly toward the throne and speak to God directly. Who can pray better for me, than ME? Please don’t get me wrong, for community , friends, and family are wonderful to have and by all means use that resource if available. However, there will be times when there isn’t anyone available and we must learn to encourage ourselves.

I am all the better for trying and have been successful many times. Life WILL get better. You are NOT alone in your feelings, frustrations or set-backs. There are so many who struggle, but I have found with God I can encourage myself by using scripture and focusing on what I have, rather than what I don’t have. I discovered grumbling and gratitude can’t occupy the same heart at the same time–so I chose to be grateful. I encourage you to do the same. Pass it on…

DCL Ministries

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