Deborah Lassiter’s Article in October’s Issue of Keep The Faith Magazine

IMG_0033 - web (small jpeg)Keep the Faith Magazine, Black Month Issue, is out and D.C. Lassiterfounder of DCL Ministries, author of Beyond the Face of the Movies, and host of Dovetales– is smack dab in the middle. It is an honor to be a contributing writer to this distinguished  and well crafted magazine. There is nothing like God’s rest , for Christ reminds us all to come to him all whom are weary and heavy burdened and it is He who would give us rest. Trust the process church…trust the process.

God is my rock, my cornerstone and my friend.

I hope and pray you enjoy this wonderful article with Keep the Faith Magazine by clicking here.

To follow me on my book tour with Write Now Literary click here.

To listen in on Dovetales Radio Show click here.

Beyond the Face of the Movies is available on Amazon , Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Nook, Google, and Apple ibook. Enjoy the spice of life.

DCL Ministries

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