Writer’s Corner of the Month Singer N’spire Walker (9/16)

nspire smile 2DCL Ministries is pleased to feature N’spire Walker, singer and songwriter who is all about doing what her name implies–Inspire. Our Writer’s Corner is dedicated to those that are taking what God has revealed to them on their journey and due to that revelation are compelled to educate and encourage others in their corner of the world– in Jesus name . N’spire Walker is always Reaching Toward Perfection, and this songstresses greatest accomplishment is flowing in her purpose and motivating others to embrace, wholeheartedly, who they are designed to be. To learn more about N’spire Walker and her amazing journey tune into her interview on our Dovetales Radio Program– which aired in July.  You can listen to this wonderful woman of God share her vocal talents live on air which will surely bless you. We were all moved with emotion and I know once you hear what is on N’spire’s heart you will be moved to do more, say more, and ultimately be more. To listen to this show on Dovetales, under PJC Worldwide Media, with singer N’spire Walker click here.

In the meantime please join DCL Ministries as we celebrate this woman of God for the month of September. Enjoy…

**************By N’spire Walker**************

N’spire Walker, born as Amber G. Walker, is a soulful and inspirational songwriter and singer, who is a proud native of Meridian, MS.  Her mission is to inspire others through her gifts to live life in total health: mind, body, and soul, while connecting it to their dreams. She is a walking image of inspiration and so down-to-earth.  She has learned that life isn’t about being perfect, but about giving your best while walking in purpose.  Through her imperfections was birthed a loving heart for all humanity, no matter their walks of life.  Also, through her imperfections, she discovered the very essence of God. For in the moments she didn’t feel good enough or felt like others wouldn’t love her as much because of her flaws is when she cried out to God and asked does He and will He continue to love her.  That’s when God showered His love all the more by opening her eyes to the many talents she has, including drawing, dancing, singing, and more.  She had no idea back then that God would have great purpose in her voice. All she knew was that He allowed her to focus her attention on her gifts, instead of what she was taught to be flaws.  This was God’s way of saying, “I created you in my image, and you are beautiful…The tangible and intangible you.” Even with discovering her gifts, she still had to experience life to truly understand her purpose.

N’spire grew up singing in the church choir, and was also a praise and worship leader, but what tickled her fancy for songwriting is the Serendipity Talent Show at her Alma mater, the University of West Alabama.  From there, one experience led to the next. Her time as a praise and worship leader is one experience that truly helped her to be real and tune in to what God was speaking to her and through her, even when at times He seemed to speak to her through her imperfections.  At the end of 2015 is when N’spire truly had a breaking point in a way she didn’t imagine, and it happened after she followed her heart and discontinued being a praise and worship leader.  She found that when you hold tightly onto what is viewed as a good thing and you know your spirit is leading you elsewhere, it takes up room and doesn’t allow the greater to come in.  After she moved on, God continued to mold her and reveal things to her.  She found that her experience as a praise and worship leader was to show her that even in your imperfections, God will still use you, as long as you have a humbled heart and yearning for Him.

In August of 2014, N’spire was a Meridian Idol Contestant, and in January of 2015, she released her first single, titled “Come and Get It,” which is a song that inspires listeners to dream and dreamers to achieve. January 1, 2016, she released her second single, titled “Reaching Towards Perfection”.  She feels her greatest accomplishment isn’t what she participated in, the songs she released or will release, nor the stages she performed on, but her greatest accomplishment is flowing in her purpose and inspiring others to embrace wholeheartedly who they are designed to be.

From N’spire Walker to you,   “~Sending love and connecting with your dreams.~ ”

To connect with N’spire be sure to like/ follow her Facebook Page as N’spire Walker.

Or click onto her website to see what she will be up to next, right here.

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