Released July 7, 2016

July 7 is almost here so, be sure to pick up your copy of my new book, Beyond the Face of the Movies, out this Thursday. Pick it up in any bookstore, Amazon, Appleibook, Kobo, Google, and Nook, but If you are hungry for it now get it on Kindle today!Enjoy it and God Bless you all.

Whether we are a believer in God or not, everyone will come to a place where the choices we’ve made will lead to asking ourselves, ” How did I get here?” And as you run to co-worker’s, friends and family pleading for an answer to how it all went so wrong you will still have to choose, in the end, which path you will take. The truth is, it is you and only you who will ultimately have to live those choices out. 

Beyond the Face of the Movies will show you at heart just how similar we all are and whether we see our our lives resembling a Hollywood movie or a real like biblical character you will discover, underneath all the glitz and glam, that all people are the same when it comes to making mistakes. This new fun and feisty book will help you to laugh at yourself, to love yourself and to face yourself all over again. So be encouraged as you rise from the ashes while being transformed into something beautiful!

take a look here

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