Writer’s Corner Ministry of the Month (6/16)

DCL Ministries is pleased to feature Deborah M. Truschello a woman of God who didn’t always have it easy, but with the love and guidance of her mother and father Deborah became a top lawyer in Media, Pa. where she practices various types of law such as: worker’s comp., personal injury and family law. Deborah shared her inspiring and heartfelt testimony with us on our radio program titled Dovetales last month, for at times in ones life , when serving Jesus, our faith and law can meet face to face. To say the least Deborah M. Truschello is a beacon of hope to me when I hear her say, “You can practice law and serve God too.” This month DCL Ministries knows you will be blessed, encouraged and inspired as we provide you a snapshot of this extraordinary woman’s journey.

To listen to Deborah’s Dovetales interview click here.

Enjoy this wonderful Woman of God as we feature her article for the month of June:

I was born and raised in Folcroft, a small town outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Over the course of 35 years, my Mother rose through the ranks to leader of the Folcroft Republican party and my Father was the District Judge of Folcroft, Tinicum and the Philadelphia International Airport.  He helped shape Pennsylvania’s Magisterial Court System since 1968 by serving in various positions including as a lobbyist obtaining wage, health and retirement benefits for Pennsylvania’s Magistrates.  He did so well that the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas asked my Father to lobby for them.  My parents dedicated several decades of their lives to public service.  Our household was open to neighbors and their problems.  A typical scenario was my Mother asking my Father to build the town a library because the library was being closed and the books thrown away. My Father built a library. My parents tirelessly served the community helping the girls and boys clubs.

This was my model of lifestyle, morals and values which lead to my career as an attorney.  I went up to 8th grade in Southeast DelCo School District, high school at Archmere Academy, Elizabethtown College with a scholarship my senior year at St. Paul’s & Mary’s College in Cheltenham England.  Thanks to my parents, Judges Mirarchi and Cirillo, and Father’s Hagendorf, Sliben, Frieberg, Cuccia, Falcone and many others I became a lawyer 27 years ago and have had my own firm for twenty three years.  All I needed was for these people to believe in me and I was able to realize my dreams.  Poor with standardized testing, I needed to get A’s.  By the time Archmere was done with me College was a breeze with straight A’s for the final 2.5 years.    4 years after law school and a clerkship for the Superior Court and Court of Common Pleas along with Plaintiff’s and Defense work, I established a general service firm in 1993 with the best paralegal ever Mrs. Sims.  We cover many areas of law including personal and work injury cases; divorce, custody & support; social security disability, Wills & Estates and Criminal Law

When I asked how I could ever re-pay or say thank you to my parents, priests, judges, lawyers and friends who helped me to achieve my goals the resounding answer was to help others as I have been helped.  I have dedicated my career to doing just that with a concentration on helping the injured, the young and families experiencing hard times.  This is what Jesus tried to teach us with the gospel of fish and loaves of bread.  He made it multiply when everyone contributed what they had so that there was enough to feed the masses.  Pay it forward.  These are the principles I raise my 17 year old son upon.  Say thank you by helping others as you have been helped.

To learn more about Deborah M. Truschello’s law firm and the services she provides click here.

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