New Book:Beyond The Face of The Movies July 7 Release

Do well with your time, for while you are thinking that God has forgotten you know that he is cultivating you in your season of wilderness.

Beyond the Face of the Movies was birthed at this stage of my life. I often asked myself, “How did I get here?” I don’t remember making choices to get to this place in my life. To my surprise I did make those choices and to my surprise they were not always decisions that I consulted God on. I have learned that the Lord is a gentleman and when I cried he was there to hold my hand and guide me through my pain as my marriage burned to the ground.

I gravitated to watching movies since I often felt the Lord speaking to me through the music, the scenes, the characters and the outcomes. I could see myself in the movies , my mistakes when I observed their mistakes and my victories when I observed their victories. I instantly thought of biblical characters as Holy Spirit intensified the convictions in my heart while pruning me and regenerating me. I combed the bible and found myself all over again as I cried and as I healed. God is most certainly good and through my pain the promise of my ministry was birthed. Jesus is beautiful as he interceded for me and held me and loved me.

This book is going to bless you spiritually and emotionally. You are sure to laugh at yourself as you read about the Hollywood characters  and discover how the people in the bible, and Hollywood, are all still people and people make mistakes. The difference is what you lean on to get back up!

There is no Rock like our God! To view my exciting new book trailer for my release click right here.

DCL Ministries

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