Is God Enough For You?

“The Lord said to Aaron, “You will have no inheritance in their land, nor will you have any share among them, I am your share and your inheritance among the Israelite’s.” Numbers 18:20

The sweet Lord was teaching the Israelite’s ,the laws, through Moses, and as Yahweh Shammah dwelled with them He instructed Moses and Aaron how to distribute the offerings the Israelite’s gave as an atonement for their sins, as well as the land that was accumulated from the Abrahamic blessing. During Gods instruction he gave this disclaimer ( Numbers 18:20) to Aaron, the High Priest, from the tribe of Levi.  At first, I am sure there are many of you who would’ve rather received the spoils of the many offerings, but God informs Aaron that He is his portion and his inheritance.

For those of you that wrestle with what we cannot see and would rather have something in our hands this notion alone, from God, would challenge you tremendously. Personally, it is good for me to be near the Lord and having Him as my portion is music to my little ears.  Aaron, Moses’ brother, was chosen to enter the Holy of Holies , once a year, to atone the sins of the rebellious and disobedient Israelite’s. Could you imagine being able to walk into the place where God himself was sitting? The beautiful mercy seat, with two cherubim, on either end stretched out. Are you one that enjoys to be in the presence of the Lord or would you rather ask someone to go in your place only to ask that person later what God had to say? Getting to a place, in one’s personal walk with God, where you are smitten with His presence and His presence alone takes some getting use to, but I am a witness that it not only makes me feel good, but I feel safe with Him– a feeling I never felt before.

So, I must ask, would you rather have stuff or have God?

Don’t answer that now, but I would like to challenge you to take your answer to the Lord and tell Him– for He could guide you with the appropriate heart posture, you should have, better than I.

DCL Ministries


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