The Heart of Life is Good

When I think of what God is trying to accomplish in our lives it makes me feel great, and as I sit here I am reminded of a song I use to play over ,and over, and over again. Perhaps it was a way to remind myself that life has its moments, but it can turn out better than what we have ever expected it to be. One of my favorite songs titled “The Heart of Life” written and performed by John Mayer simply sums it all up for me when the chorus repeats this cleverly written verse.

“Pain throws your heart to the ground. Love turns the whole thing around. No it won’t all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good.”

Oh yes, I guess when you think about it most things seem to come down to the heart level: did you get a heartfelt apology from the person who did you wrong? Or the statement ‘ that persons got a good heart’ are just some phrases we often say when we seek to grasp , and sum up the essence of things and people. We all go through disappointments, but as you make it through another day this week, and as you approach the weekend be reminded that when you allow God to govern your life, and when you choose to seek his face that the heart of life can be just that….Good! Be empowered and be encouraged that God is in control.

Therefore, take a moment to be kind to someone today, soak in the sunshine while you encourage a friend, purchase a beverage for a co-worker, or simply hold the door for one passing through. Know , in your heart,despite all the struggles that it is good to be alive so, spread the love reminding others that we might not be able to , on our own, change the world, but we can most certainly contribute to making it a better place.

DCL Ministries

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