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For this month’s featured ministry we are proud to highlight Robert Diaz Jr. an addiction counselor and recovery coach who has earned his B.A. in Behavioral Health with an emphasis in addiction studies, and also has his master’s in community leadership. Robert Diaz Jr. is a wonderful man of God who is determined to be ,and make a difference in his community today, but as you will see it was not always this way for Robert. As you nestle down ,and read his breathtaking testimony know that the road to victory is not easy, and how one must understand why , as a follower of Jesus Christ , you must humble yourself before the Lord because it is he that will lift you up. This transparent testimony is for all who have, and still do struggle with the things that can level us to the ground- for life- to say the least, is a roller coaster ride, but Robert Diaz Jr’s victorious story reminds us all, who believe, that the regenerative work of Jesus Christ can change your life forever!

Robert Diaz Jr. is a survivor, and due to his passion to want to guide ,encourage, and mentor the youth he also works with  a drug prevention/intervention program where he leads a music ministry using Christian Hip Hop to share a positive message of encouragement to our youth as he warns them to stay away from destructive behavior. So, it is no surprise to DCL Ministries that Robert gives the glory of his transformation to God while leaning on this scripture for strength,

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Please join me as DCL Ministries celebrates Robert Diaz Jr. our featured ministry for the month of March on our very own Writer’s Corner. Enjoy!

Life’s Experience through Transformation  : My Life of Turmoil to the Life I Treasure –BY: Robert Diaz Jr.

Prior to becoming a Christian my life was in turmoil. I was struggling with Drugs and Alcohol which led to my Divorce and eventually losing my job, an example of a Developmental Crisis. I struggled with drugs and alcohol for many years which cost me many nights spent in jails graduating to serving 2 years in prison for a weapons charge. Unfortunately, I used the street and gangs as my escape from the hell I lived in at home. My mom and my dad were both addicts one to heroin and crack cocaine and the other to alcohol. I would say that they both suffered from poly-substance abuse. Sadly, when they died they both were only 37 years old.

Later, when I was released from prison my mom died, my dad several years prior, I found my closest cousin and my girlfriend, dead, both shot numerous times by my cousin’s boyfriend, to me an example of Situational Crisis. All these events and many more not mentioned caused me to escape into the world of drugs. When being under the influence I felt free!

For many years, since my childhood, I lived and moved from house to house either to live with a friend of my parents or family members. I lived with others more than I lived with my mom. Although, life was hard I always managed to survive the odds. In my later years I accomplished a lot in school and the work force. I always felt like I had to rise from the bottom and stay on top no matter what the obstacle, I was not going to fail and lose it all again. What a set up did I put myself in! Trusting in too many people destroyed my relationships because I started to feel paranoid and weary about the people I was around, the effects and the signs of an addictive behavior starting all over again, just when I thought I had it in control.

So when I got to the point of no return and I hit rock bottom I went to live with my Godmother who at the time would be the only person I could depend on, since my wife left me, I had no choice but to lean on that support. However, I again burned that bridge and she told me that I had to leave. With nowhere to go, and about to live on the streets, I decided I needed to take the advice I was given several times through out the years to seek professional help.

Ironically, my uncle Rodney who used to get high with me and constantly torment me with sermons, I now believe was used by God to plant a seed in me. I always confided in my uncle and when I poured out in tears my pain he told me that I should try Teen Challenge. At first I was startled because I thought he was joking with me, I said to him, “Teen Challenge that’s for teenagers”. But he assured me it was not only for Teens and reminded me of all the time he would talk about Nicky Cruz’s Crusade. Then it hit me I just saw a movie called “The Cross and The Switchblade” which depicts the story of Pastor Dave Wilkerson, Nicky Cruz and the beginnings of Teen Challenge Christian Rehabilitation Program.

So I decided to make an appointment and a week later I met with Brother Marrow the Intake Coordinator of Brooklyn Teen Challenge, at the time. I spoke with him for awhile explained my situation and what my religious background was like. I told him that growing up I was pulled between the Catholic belief, Christian Pentecostal, Jehovah’s Witnesses and that at one point I thought I was God with the belief in Islam’s 5% nation. I listen to him closely and understood what he was saying to me. What stood out to me was when he said that we must trust in the lord with all our hearts and he began to read to me Proverbs 3:5-6 which today I stand on; I felt in my heart that all I went through as a child growing up in a drug, alcohol and violent environment some how was God’s plan for me to come to the Cross. So I decided then that I would accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior……. Amen!

I attended Brooklyn Teen Challenge completed the four month induction phase, and transferred to God’s Mountain Teen Challenge Training Center in Rehrersberg Pennsylvania. I completed 8 months and graduated February 26, 2010 directly after I graduated I committed myself to a position as a Volunteer Driver (ETP) for the Walk-A-Thon Ministry and several off campus job-sites for 6 months. I then transitioned myself into an Intern position for New Man CDC as a Driver/Field Supervisor.

I would later be invited as Ministry Team Leader for many Ministries offered to the student body such as: The Teen Challenge Disciples “D-Boys” a Christian Rap Ministry whose vision and mission is the spread the gospel by utilizing the five elements of Hip-Hop music in a Christian loving way, which after 5 ½ years I finally passed the leadership role to another brother in Christ; I have led the New Creation Choir, Spanish Worship Team in collaboration with Pastor Jose Ortiz and his group “Renovacion Grupo” an off campus Latin Ministry, The Prison Team and Stay Sharp a drug intervention program alongside Brother Joel Jakubowski Director of Community Outreach for Teen Challenge Training Center Inc.

I was promoted to Apprentice and made a transition into Assistant Counselor/Teacher with the counseling division and the academics department. I graduated from Alvernia University May 11, 2013 with a degree in Addition Studies in Behavioral Health Sciences

Since, all of my accomplishments by the grace of God, I have been planning on a ministry of my own called “Walk It Out Ministry’s” Drug Prevention and Peer Mentoring Ministry in collaboration with G.D.T. “Gods Dream Team” a Christian Rap Group I manage, that would help, direct and disciple others using their musical gifts that God has so graciously given to them. I have prayed earnestly and felt that I could be used to assist others who are going through struggles no matter what there addiction would be.

I am currently enrolled in Alvernia Universities Master’s program in Community Leadership. I recently earned my CRS Certification as well as my CIP Certification both through the Pennsylvania Certification Board. I am proud to say that through my Faith in God I have finally met the love of my life and got married on August 30, 2014. On March 2, 2015 I started my journey with Berks Counseling Center in Reading PA where I am currently employed as a Bi-Lingual Counselor for Substance Abuse and Mental Health and will soon transition into the ACT Department as a Co-Occurring Specialist working with Youth and Young Adults who struggle with both Substance Abuse and Severe Mental Health. On December 2015 I graduated from the Masters Program in Community Leadership from Alvernia University. After achieving so much in life, I see that at one point, I was powerless over my addiction and, needed to rely on a higher power; that being God. And, that by having faith in God through Christ Jesus is a way to assist others both non-Christian and Christian alike. I feel that every day I am still growing spiritually and that know matter what happens in life, if I humble myself before God he will lift me up. (James 4:10)

This amazing testimony of Robert Diaz Jr. will also be DCL Ministries  first guest as we expand into Radio on Sunday, April 3, 3016 2:30 p.m.- 3:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You do not want to miss it as Robert unpacks even more of his TRANSFORMATION ON OUR NEW SHOW TITLED “DOVETALES WITH DEBORAH” WPJC 104.5 UNDER PJC MEDIA NETWORK –TO CHECK OUT MORE SHOWS FROM THE ARCHIVE GO TO BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/PJCMEDIA




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  1. Kathy says:

    Awesome Story. So Inspiring. God Bless His Work. Robby Is Touching Lives.


  2. JuDea says:

    Amazing Story!!! God is a God of miracles and is evident in what He has done in Roberts life…. GOD is truly GOOD..


  3. Angie Soto says:

    Amazing! God is Good.


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