Did you Eat Today?

I was amazed that all day, today, not a smidgen of food touched my lips,  but I sure did eat.

I recalled yesterday when I attempted to start , yet again, on my new book, and each time I came up on a difficult scripture to dissect I would feel restless and unsettled, and therefore I would stop , and get something to eat, to ease the pain of the road block in my brain.

Holy Spirit kept saying , ” How are we going to get anything done today?” Honestly, I didn’t know how to answer that question so, I didn’t answer it , and just decided to keep on eating.

It felt so good when I stuffed my face while I was on the couch enjoying all the treats, that I was daydreaming about, while I should have been giving Holy Spirit my full attention, but eating was all that I seemed to accomplished yesterday. Eating only resulted in me  resembling Mrs. Potato Head, and I couldn’t help but wonder …Hmm, Is it possible to look like Mrs. Potato head, and be a couch potato at the same time? Please don’t answer that…

But today victory was mine, and I got up purposeful in my actions, and determined to do it God’s way. I prayed my way to a place of calm, and decided to simply surrender this body of mine to the greater goal of the day which was reading, and studying the scripture so that I could get a fresh anointing , and therefore a deeper revelation for my book.

I am the first to admit there are days that are tough, days where you want to just ignore what Holy Spirit is saying to you, and feed your flesh, but as a believer that is always seeking His face we must always go back to the cross ,and focus on what Christ actually died for. Christ death was not so that our flesh had permission to run rampant. No on the contrary the flesh ,as we already know, has no rights and therefore all things , not just some things, but all things must be brought to under Christs feet.

Praise the Lord, from whom all blessings flow, for I have to say it again- my spiritual meal today was like Campbell’s Soup …hmm, hmm, Good!

DCL Ministries

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