DCL Ministries Writing Sunday Devotionals For “Putting On The New” Created By Cherie Burbach

DCL Ministries is very excited to start writing for this wonderful magazine titled Putting on the New; for it is a privilege to join this entourage of talented , diverse, and purpose driven ladies. Putting on the New is an online magazine, in its second year, created and launched by Cherie Burbach; a magazine that is very passionate about focusing on the, personal, walk of the Christian life.

Cherie recalls in the book of Ephesians 4:24; a scripture that stuck with her and began the wheels turning for the magazine…

“…and to put on the new self created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”

It was from this particular text that the makings of Putting on the New was birthed, and the pursuit to create a platform where writers could express their feelings, in regards to their walk with the Lord, is the drive behind the magazine with its purpose remaining very close to Cherie’s heart. Putting on the New focuses on the new self,  the new life, and therefore  the new approach ,in ones behavior, as followers of Christ walk out their faith; a faith that is always filled with lessons.

 DCL Ministries is very pleased to join in with Cherie Burbach propelling all on the Christian walk to live it the way God desires for us to live it,  and with her latest book titled 100 Simple Ways to Have More Friends, out on the market, Cherie is proving to do just that. To learn more about Cherie Burbach please visit her website here

DCL Ministries will be writing a Sunday Devotional for Putting on the New , every fourth Sunday of the month, with the first article premiering on Sunday, January 24, 2016. Please take a look at Putting on the New & DCL’s Author Bio. HERE

DCL Ministries

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