What is the Godly Family?

The holiday season always makes me think about family, and with Christmas approaching, and the end of the year always bringing promise of new hopes, dreams, and resolutions I could not help but think of some things. What if you didn’t have a traditional family?and second, being a follower of Jesus Christ, what is the ,ideal, Godly family?

In my opinion so much has happened since World War II where the traditional family went right out the window when wives had to earn a living, to survive, when their husbands were at war. As much as I appreciate, being a woman myself, that I have the choice, and the right, to make a living like the next individual, women , in those days, still had to make a tough decision to leave their home and do what needed to be done, at that time. For many, they continue to do so for their families today. I grew up, like several, on a two family income with a mother and father, but there are those that did not. Perhaps your family was you, and your grandmother or just your mom and your siblings, maybe your family consisted of you and your father, perhaps you were adopted. Not traditional but does that mean you didn’t have what you needed so that you could make it through this crazy world we live in?

As I thought about my family, and other families that I have encountered along the way I found my mind drift to the families in the bible. To be honest most were very dysfunctional, and as I laughed to myself I thanked Holy Spirit as He reminded me that though they were in the bible they still had problems, struggles, and adversity to overcome just like I do in my present day, and contrary to popular belief  they are no different then we are today. I have to say as a Christian I believe that it is the Godhead which is the mold for any Godly Family, and when God is absent from the scenario one is left with comparing their family to what society thinks is acceptable. There are many that would disagree, and I understand, but in a world where everyone thinks they are right whom or what, do I ask, is the standard?

As a Christian and believer of Jesus Christ , for me, it is the Godhead that is the perfect mold for any type of family, and because of that belief what is present are the following:Love, equality,power,importance,authority structure,submission, order, role, service,freedom,harmony of purpose,sacrifice, and communion. Yes, equal power, equal importance, and equal persons just like the Godhead which consists of: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. Together , if you tune your heart, mind, and spirit into them, they have the ability to create three part harmony; all are needed in creating the  3 part harmony so jolly they are singing the same lyrics, and yet each are distinct and different from one another. So beautiful when a family can do all of this…not many can, and like myself we struggle, but all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us… Right?

If this is true then who , in the bible , actually had this utopia family? Let’s take a look shall we? One would think Isaac, Rebekah, Esau and Jacob but those of you that know this story we see right away favoritism exists from the parents to each one of their son’s resulting in Rebekah the mother helping her son Jacob steal the blessing from her other son Esau.Hardly ideal, more like day time drama , and this was a patriarch family. God can really use, and work through anyone can’t he? Next  is Naomi & Ruth which is Naomi’s daughter in-law,and even though this family doesn’t have Naomi’s husband present nor Ruth’s spouse due to both dying you, still, witness them both serving one another, sacrificing for one another, and their goals being aligned which, as a result, produces a love so strong and beautiful. What a family can achieve when we put God in the center and use Him as the standard is a sight to behold.

There is nothing like family, and even though you might not have what others might have take a look around and thank God for what you do have, for through Him, he will take your family and make it all new! If you do not have a traditional family, like many do not, treasure in your heart the heavenly Father that is with you, always, and at this time of year when stores are filled with shoppers, and gifts flying off the shelves, and into family and friends hands remember the best gift of all. The gift, that came from the Father wrapped in swaddling cloth lying in the manger and given to the world. Oh, I can’t help but know that the Father must have missed His son during Christmas, but it was more important that the Word became flesh, and dwelt with us. In my opinion that is what Family does in their aligned goals, they sacrifice for one another, and serve the other without any benefit to him or herself with Godly love on the heels of every gesture…

DCL Ministries

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