Learn to Pause and Take in the Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living

One morning I woke up and decided to take a break from my daily kale smoothie, and head out to have breakfast at this “mama-papa shop” just a bit from where I live. The thought of having my eggs prepared with green peppers and onions with a side of corn beef hash just brought a smile to my face. I love it, and I had no guilt in suspending, for just a moment, my green goblin drink.

I came into the establishment, which was packed, with various families and friends  chatting away, and having a moment of rest, relaxation and fun. My waitress came over, and introduced herself, and ask me what I wanted to eat. I didn’t hesitate and gave her my order, and to my surprise, poof, my meal was in front of me. I was in my happy place and before I touched a morsel of it I bowed my head, and folded my hands to pray to my heavenly Father, and gave thanks and praise to the boss in the sky; the one who loves me past, my, comprehension.

Moments later a gentleman came over and asked me if I wanted his newspaper because he was finished with it. I, gladly, said yes and as I thanked him- he exited out the door. Hmm, I couldn’t help but take a moment to smile at his generosity , and sheer thoughtfulness for someone else that  might desire to browse through the paper, and so I ,quietly, thanked God again.

It was then that my waitress came to me and said, “I want to let you know… the guy that gave you the paper just paid for your meal.”

I was in shock, and kept searching my mind for why he would do that. I normally see things coming ,but I didn’t see this. I was so use to doing things for others that I forgot what it felt like for a total stranger to do something nice for me. I was rocked to my core, grateful, but rocked to my core. I can only assume that the waitress saw the look on my face and then she spoke these words that leveled me so swiftly …she said, “He said he paid for your meal because he saw you praying.” And there it was the words that lingered in my head.

The newspaper from this anonymous man was enough, but the reason he paid , I felt, was a message from the sweet Lord which touched my heart deeply.  I had been going through a season of feeling invisible, and not important to anyone, but I prayed and lamented it all to the Lord over a course of months, and He heard every word of it. The idea of what moved this man to pay for my meal is the very thing that moves me in my heart- my personal relationship with God in fellowship and prayer, and this man was honoring , in me, the only consistent thing that I held onto through all my pain; GOD…

I fought to hold back the tears as I looked out the window , and glanced at the meal that I was so excited to eat, and no longer having the ability to hold my attention. Holy Spirit then whispered to me, “Though no one else seems to see you, I see you.”  I was so moved by this man’s random act of kindness that I pulled out money to triple the waitresses tip. She looked at me and emphatically said it’s too much. I said, “No it’s not”

I ask you today what Random Acts Of Kindness ( R.A.O.K.) are you passing on that result in a double portion of God’s love to those around you? Join the Movement…

DCL Ministries

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