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Divorce, when one experiences it , as I have, can level you to the ground. At times I asked myself how did I go from

‘sought in the city to divorced in the community?’

I am sorry to say- the longer I live -the more I see that there is nothing guaranteed ;for I now understand, better, why Salvation is free, and why the journey is not.

WRITER’S CORNER @ R.A.O.K. is a corner dedicated to ministry’s who have a heart for those that are less fortunate, and are follower’s of Jesus Christ. This monthly issue will spotlight a ministry who will provide an article highlighting their Random Act of Kindness in the area/community and how this kindness is effecting those around them . Each contributor will provide a featured bio, photo, and details/contact information for their ministry. This is a wonderful way for those in the world to see what you are up to in your corner of the world.

Please if interested contact DCL Ministries or call at 302-440-3986

Our position here at DCL Ministries is to recognize all who know how to take their time walking out the steps while the Lord guides and leads us all to our purpose in life. Know that, though difficult, it might be a season of trusting in Him, but maybe not always a season of understanding Him, and what He might be doing in and through your life. I know it hurts, but rest assured that all the pain you’re feeling currently, if you let Him shepherd you, is actually for someone else; your future Random Act Of Kindness.  God knows what he is doing, and know that His arm is never too short.

DCL Ministries


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