Dovetales Welcomes Worship Singer and Overcomer Christian Anderson

God is so good and I am lucky to know the many who courageously find there way onto Dovetales. What a journey it continues to be and an experience we all continue to have –together. This Sunday, January 20, 2019 join me for another time of togetherness, talking, laughing and healing as we share the love, mercy and grace of God. My guest, Christian Anderson who believes that worshipping God is not only about singing and clapping one’s hands, but it is a lifestyle. So, when she ministers through song she hopes they see God and not her. Folks, as our culture changes socially, economically, and politically we often lean on leaders to do the spiritual inner-work that we should be doing ourselves. Yes, pastors, priest’s, worship leaders and mentor’s can point one in the right direction, but it is YOU who must say, “I DO” to Christ. In the end, pastor’s should lead folks to Christ and not them. Folks, people are not the source of our healing, our wholeness, or how we will triumph in the end. People are merely a confirmation of what God has already been telling us in our prayer time with HIM, in His presence. So join us for a glorious time of praise and worship with the lovely worship leader and overcomer Christian Anderson.

To tune in Sunday, January 20, 2019; 2:30 pm eastern time, Click here.

Want to learn more about my guest, Christian Anderson?

What makes a great worship leader isn’t the ability to sing pretty songs but a gift that ushers the people of God into His presence. Christian Anderson has been endowed by God to do just that. A worship leader who has been hailed as an “Anointed Powerhouse”, she’s been blessed to sing background vocals for such Gospel greats as Kim Burrell, Judith Christie-McAllister and twins Jason and Jonathan Nelson. In addition, her voice was featured on “Bless This House”, the ground-breaking project from Gospel legend Kurt Carr. Dorinda Clark-Cole took note of the songstress and Christian Anderson won the talent competition for the mid-south region of the icon’s Singers, Musicians & Arts Conference. She was also one of the lead vocalists for the Alabama Gospel Choir during their European Tour. Christian is grateful for the amazing opportunities and the recognition she’s received, but at the end of the day, she just wants to give glory to God and uplift the saints.

This woman of God has come a mighty long way. Hailing from Jackson, TN, Christian has been belting out melodies since she was a little girl. With a mother as a preacher and a father as a minister of music, church was in her blood – and so was music. Encouraged by her grandmother and her father, who both took note of her musical talent, she sang in her church choir. Leading songs at the age of 9 or 10, she woke up singing and went to bed singing. She ultimately ended up serving as a choir member and a praise and worship leader at her church.

Eventually leaving Jackson, TN and moving to Greensboro, NC, Christian experienced a very turbulent season in her life. After the trial was over and with a renewed commitment to the Lord, she found herself at Evangel Fellowship in Greensboro. The church gave her an opportunity to heal and she embraced music ministry fully again, in the roles of worship leader and choir member. It was during that time she was inspired to use her testimony as a platform to minister to those experiencing the same trials she had. That was the birth of the project, I’m An Overcomer. As she worked through issues like rejection, depression, oppression, broken relationships and abuse, she eventually realized that she hadn’t just survived; she had overcome. That theme was poured into the tracks on the project. Songs like “So Good” and “Lift Your Name” remind the listener that the Lord’s faithfulness is everlasting. “One Moment” lets the child of God know that prayer doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. Produced by Will Coleman and the psalmist herself, I’m An Overcomer is a collection of songs targeted to help the believer endure. Christian released a live DVD of the project on January 28, 2018, to rave reviews.

With just one listen to I’m An Overcomer, it’s abundantly clear that Christian Anderson loves to worship. “I have made worship my lifestyle,” she shares. “So many people think that worship is singing and clapping your hands, but true worship is a lifestyle. It’s something that I live out every day. It’s who I am; it’s what I do.” She also feels that worship is crucial for every believer. “Worship is important because it keeps us connected to God and help us hear from Him. In order for my life to go the way it should, I need to be intimately connected with Him daily. For me that includes worship, reading His word and praying daily –talking to Him and listening to what He’s saying. Also, it’s important to me that when I am ministering on stage that people don’t see me; I want them to see God.”

She is adamant that the focus remain on the Lord. She says, “I don’t want people to think about who I am, but I want them to have an authentic worship experience with God. I want them to feel His presence. There are many Gospel artists who can really sing and bring down the house. That’s not my goal; my goal is to do Kingdom work and to witness people being delivered and truly set free.”

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